Veritone Enhances its Multi-Award Winning AI-Driven Voice Solutions with Advanced Capabilities  for Content Creators and Brands

Celebrating two new awards including IBC 2022 Best of Show, new features include integration with newly-acquired VocaliD speech engines, over 70 premium voice-over AI models, new languages, lexicon, speech style and more

Listen to the synthetic read-out of this press release, created using professional voice actor Ashante Timoll’s AI voice developed through Veritone’s award-winning Veritone Voice solution:

Veritone, Inc. (NASDAQ: VERI), creator of aiWARE, a hyper-expansive enterprise AI platform, today unveiled its next-generation Veritone Voice.  The recent acquisition of synthetic voice pioneer VocaliD introduces upgrades including new application capabilities, over 70 premium voice-over AI voices available to license, hundreds of stock voices and multiple new languages. The newest enhancements further advance Veritone Voice to give content creators and publishers one of the most powerful and versatile voice solutions on the market.

“As the market for AI voice solutions grows, it is becoming increasingly important that the generated voices sound and feel hyper-realistic. Many elements need to be taken into account and managed,  including the tone of these voices – such as being happy, somber or promotional. In today’s digital world, monotone digital-sounding voices simply won’t cut it,” said Sean King, senior vice president and general manager of Commercial Enterprise, Veritone. “Addressing these needs is at the heart of our latest version of Veritone Voice, which empowers the voice to be articulate, genuine and nuanced for the content and audience. Whether the voices are used for broadcast quality productions, the metaverse or other applications, we believe that content creators and brands will appreciate the authenticity our Veritone Voice solutions offer as they move their projects forward.”

Since launching last year, Veritone Voice has attracted nearly 3,000 users who have generated synthetic voice clips used within the enterprise, consumer broadcast and metaverse environments. Veritone Voice has also won five marquee industry awards, most recently being named the winner in the Best of Show: Radio World category at IBC 2022 and being recognized by Speech Technology magazine. Given its mission to create the industry’s top solution, Veritone has added more than 70 licensable professional voice-over artists’ AI voices to the growing roster of voices.

“Stock voices are great for many projects like training or academic materials. When it comes to projects such as audio descriptions, scene narration and radio imaging, a more humanistic voice should be used. And that can be the AI voice of a professional voice-over artist. It’s a winning setup for modern voice-over artists and content creators. My AI voice provides additional revenue streams that can work for me while I’m away or doing other jobs. There’s room for both, and Veritone is the steward for protecting our AI voice and ensuring proper licensing,” said Bev Standing, professional voice artist and original TTS voice for TikTok.

Veritone Voice’s premium voice-over talent includes respected voice actors and producers such as Anne Ganguzza, Carin Gilfry, Judy Fossum, Terri Nicole, Malik Rashad, Ian Russell, Bev Standing, Ashante Timoll, sports commentator Randy Hahn, and more. 

Offering the Voice Industry a Comprehensive Portfolio of Solutions

The ability to control and manage the entire voice creation lifecycle for efficiency and scale, coupled with a unique ability to seamlessly work with third-party AI models, gives Veritone Voice an advantage over other market solutions including an unmatched breadth of capabilities. In addition to the newly available premium voice-over voices, Veritone has added new enhancements, such as Lexicon, that bring more custom implementation and expedite and streamline workflow processes. Here are some of the newest enhancements to Veritone Voice:

  • Voice model creation efficiency: Veritone’s recent acquisition of VocaliD enables more efficient development of robust, high-quality voices to enhance Veritone Voice’s scalability and time-to- market.
  • New voices and languages: 70+ new stock voices and 15+ new languages available including Albanian, Arabic, Mongolian and Nepali. 
  • Tailored experiences with Lexicon: Lexicon enables customers to use their own dictionary of language so that voice outputs recognize their custom terminology. 
  • Speech-to-speech (STS) enhancements: 
    • Veritone’s STS offering is now fully integrated with Respeecher, the Emmy Award winning voice conversion and voice cloning engine provider and creator of the synthesized young Luke Skywalker’s voice for Disney+’s The Mandalorian
    • STS clip creation is now available within the Veritone Voice application. Once the voice model is generated, the authorized user can create STS clips without dependency upon managed services. 
  • Advanced features include built-in intonation and upgraded editing: Intonation is a shortcut for pitch adjustment that allows the user to drag points on a timeline where they want the pitch to go up or down and with editing. Users can now edit text post-clip creation with built-in auto save to “pick up where you left off” for frequent users. 

“We have gone from two weeks’ audio description production time for a feature movie to one using Veritone Voice. With upcoming enhancements, that one week will become four days. We have seen ROI already and have had the ability to take on more projects. It’s unbelievable how good this has been for us after using Veritone Voice for less than 6 months,” said Silver Trak CEO Tim Creswell.

Veritone Voice offers a comprehensive suite of integrated voice features including creation, management, workflows, monetization and licensing with compliance and protection. Built on Veritone aiWARE, the first operating system for AI, Veritone Voice gives all users access to multiple, best-of-breed voice engines that combine with other cognitive capabilities such as translation, sentiment analysis, content classification and many more to create content at scale. To protect a creator’s synthetic voice, Veritone includes such features as inaudible watermarks, traceability, licensing protocols and proprietary tools to protect and place claims against unauthorized monetization of content on social platforms. The Veritone Voice solution supports both speech-to-speech and text-to-speech capabilities.

See a walk through of the new Enhancements:

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