Veritone Continues to Innovate and Make AI More Accessible, Deploying Generative AI Across Its Leading aiWARE Platform

Enhanced offering from proven enterprise AI technology leader provides immediate native support for both large-language and domain-specific models

Veritone, Inc. (NASDAQ: VERI), creator of aiWARE™, and the leader in enterprise AI software and services, today introduces Veritone Generative AI, an enterprise-grade Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) that natively supports and orchestrates public large language models — such as GPT-3 and ChatGPT — as well as domain-specific large language models.

With this major advancement, Veritone is empowering enterprises to create and extend content and data at an unprecedented scale beyond the power of human capabilities. Veritone Generative AI enables organizations with large amounts of data and content to easily turn their assets into custom, domain-specific large language models and knowledge graphs, and orchestrate these proprietary models with public large language models. This provides extensive opportunities to enable new, predictive AI-generated content for greater audience engagement, enhancing human experiences and communications and introducing new revenue opportunities.

“We are excited to see the business community and individuals start to adopt and appreciate the magnitude of generative AI,” said Ryan Steelberg, president and chief executive officer, Veritone. “Veritone is leading the enterprise charge in this space. Our broad and diverse customer base, who have been benefiting from our aiWARE platform and technologies, will have immediate and integrated support for this new class of generative AI models, helping to increase efficiency and productivity, reduce costs and open up new opportunities for growth.  We will continue investing in this exciting area to make AI accessible, scalable and affordable for every organization.” 

By deploying Veritone Generative AI on aiWARE, Veritone can immediately deliver robust, orchestrated cognitive and generative AI workflows and solutions across a variety of industries, such as:

Talent Acquisition: Conversational AI in recruiting is used to engage talent in the application process and can leverage a combination of large-language models and domain-specific knowledge graphs to ask or answer job-specific questions, in any language, while enriching the talent profile to best position them for the job opportunity. With the global HR and recruiting services market expected to reach $761B in 2023, per IBISWorld, Veritone aims to significantly advance and automate this industry with its leading technology and solutions.

“Through PandoLogic, Veritone is changing the HR game with generative AI for recruiting and connecting with talent. With the PandoSelect solution, we have seen great results from their conversational AI product, helping us qualify and engage candidates in our pipeline, and ultimately allowing us to ask and answer specific questions as part of the application process. The result: an organic conversation and engaging experience with prospective talent, while at the same time enriching the candidate’s profile to help us qualify them for the role,” said Cesar Capistrano, of ARC Logistix LLC, an Amazon Delivery Service Partner

Sports: By leveraging program scheduling and in-game data, natural language processing and AI-generated text and voice, media partners can use Veritone Generative AI to produce AI-powered sport commentary and play-by-play, as well as pre-and post-game updates in multiple languages.

“The Veritone team is creating new ways for fans to access game data in real-time, and with Veritone Generative AI they are enhancing the entire interactive experience for games,” said Stats Perform Chief Revenue Officer Steve Xeller. “Interactivity and personalisation are transforming fan engagement for sports and we are thrilled to continue to partner with Veritone.”

Advertising and Entertainment: The advertising and entertainment industry uses generative AI to create new forms of content and keep up with content demand, extending their reach and improving accessibility of their brand with AI-generated, pre-built assets including multilingual content, ad promos and images.   

“The Chad & Cheese Podcast partnered with Veritone to launch a series of multilingual episodes, which has been an incredible success in opening up new markets,” said Chad Sowash, co-host of The Chad & Cheese Podcast and former director of Veteran Recruiting for Randstad Sourceright. “Now, with Veritone Generative AI, we can get so much more out of our episodes including full contextual summaries, multilingual ad promos, images and graphics.” 

Law Enforcement: Law enforcement training and compliance was limited to text-based documents and simple videos. With their data in a secure, domain-specific, large-language model, managed by aiWARE and using generative AI, agencies can easily summarize and communicate policies, recommendations and mandates with accuracy and speed. 

“As a long-standing Veritone client, we’re very excited to see how generative AI will be applied to help our agency further save time, money and resources,” said Jorge Cisneros, Police Chief, Anaheim Police Department. “From advanced training of our sworn officers, to streamlining our mission critical data functions, this is a game-changer.”

AI and machine learning have been augmenting the workforce for years and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Generative AI is the next major advancement in extending and amplifying the human effort.

“Generative AI has developed over the past few years; however, in the past 12 months, foundation models have been hyped for the ability to augment creative work, attracting significant investment from venture capitalists,” Gartner® Innovation Insight for Generative AI, Brian Burke, Arun Chandrasekaran, Svetlana Sicular, December 15, 2022.

As a core pillar of the aiWARE platform, its workflows, and ecosystem, Veritone Generative AI’s robust capabilities are available natively — via API and Veritone’s low-code workflow application, Automate Studio — and will also be seamlessly integrated with Veritone’s industry-specific applications. Veritone Generative AI is being leveraged in client data, media, and communication workflows across several business segments today, building upon and extending Veritone’s current integrated cognition, conversational AI, and other robust AI/ML offerings.

In addition to its current large language model support, Veritone plans to also natively support expanded generative AI models for image and video generation, such as DALL-E and other prompt-to-image and video models, through aiWARE, in the second quarter of 2023. 

To learn more about Veritone Generative AI, see demos, and view best practices, please visit www.veritone.com/generativeAI

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