Police Transparency Solution Adopted by More Than 20% of California Law Enforcement Agencies

Use of Veritone Contact surges as law enforcement agencies strive to meet public demand for transparency with more efficient solutions under the Racial and Identity Profiling

Veritone, Inc. (NASDAQ: VERI), creator of aiWARE™, a hyper-expansive enterprise AI platform, today announced the adoption of its intelligent stop data collection and reporting application, Veritone Contact, has surged among California law enforcement agencies (LEAs), increasing approximately 80 percent in 2022.

This rapid growth is due to the successful utilization by LEAs using the technology to meet the stringent requirements of the California AB 953 Racial and Identity Profiling Act (RIPA), which went into full effect for over 500 California LEAs on January 1, 2022. Of the 112 California LEAs now deploying Veritone Contact, early estimates indicate a potential annual saving of 300,000 hours in RIPA data collection and $30 million in officer time.

“Since the official launch of Veritone Contact last year, we have seen a tremendous upward trajectory among users and LEAs,” said Jon Gacek, Veritone’s general manager of aiWARE Enterprise and head of government, legal and compliance. “Agencies are reporting up to 75 percent more efficiency than alternative solutions, including California’s own application, with direct feedback from officers that Veritone Contact is far easier to use and more efficient than they expected. This means officers are able to devote more time to patrolling and keeping communities safe, which is a top priority for citizens.”

Veritone Contact addresses the public’s call for greater transparency while providing law enforcement with tools that help ensure the legal rights of citizens are upheld and meet the obligations of new legislation. The solution works with smartphones, tablets, in-vehicle mobile display terminals and laptops that can connect securely to the agency’s network using a standard web browser. Officers can quickly complete stop data collection with easy, multi-select answer picklists and without the need to complete manual typing or handwritten forms. 

A number of law enforcement agencies weighed in on the value and benefits that Veritone Contact has delivered to their force. 

“Veritone Contact has proven to be an effective tool for the Bakersfield Police Department. Not only has it reduced the time it takes our officers to complete their required stop reports, but it has also improved the review process completed by our records personnel. Veritone Contact is user-friendly and its features help to ensure we are capturing accurate data. The program has been well received by all members of our department.” – Sergeant Daniel McClive, Bakersfield Police Department

North Carolina became the first state in the U.S. to enact a law requiring law enforcement agencies to collect data on all routine traffic stops in 1999. Since then, states such as Illinois, New Jersey and Missouri followed suit with stop data collection policies of their own. However, California is leading the push with the enactment of Assembly Bill 953, which has one of the most comprehensive requirements in the nation. 

“In this year’s 2nd Annual Transparency and Trust Report, findings from our survey of 3,000 citizens across the U.S. indicate technology has the potential to increase transparency and trust,” added Gacek. “With the current momentum and rapid increase of LEAs using Veritone Contact, we are confident this technology will help bridge a crucial gap for communities and officers while reducing LEA costs on admin tasks that can be redirected to keeping citizens safe and informed.”

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