PandoLogic Completes Independent AI Audit, Releases Summary of Findings

PandoLogic, a wholly owned subsidiary of Veritone, Inc. (NASDAQ: VERI) and a leading provider of artificial intelligence (AI) hiring solutions, today confirmed completion of the most recent bias audit of its AI capabilities, conducted by third-party responsible AI company, Vera. In line with Veritone’s ongoing mission of AI for good, PandoLogic also released a summary of the audit findings and an explainability statement.

For the audit, Vera worked to review PandoLogic’s AI technology and its AI models’ current and future state applications. This included PandoLogic’s programmatic algorithms as well as its use of conversational AI. Following the initial evaluation, Vera tested PandoLogic’s solutions and considered the individual purpose, design and position of each within the company’s AI ecosystem, with an emphasis on areas with greater bias risk factors. The Vera audit concluded that there was minimal risk of PandoLogic’s current AI introducing bias into the recruitment process and that, within certain distributions, the company’s solutions improved access to diverse candidate populations. The summary of findings includes a detailed look at the audit results and a description of PandoLogic’s AI principles and its recommendations regarding best practices for employers.

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