Evolution Media Group Announces Speaker Lineup for The Inaugural Streaming Automotive Summit on March 2

The 2023 Summit features a Keynote from Ryan Steelberg, Chief Executive Officer and President, Veritone. As a seasoned technology executive and pioneer of digital and data-driven businesses, Ryan will open the summit sharing insights on the future of generative AI and Veritone’s progress in that space, as well as the rapid growth and dynamic offerings of Veritone Voice.

“I am honored to join the Summit and to speak to a topic the market and the general public have become increasingly interested in — generative AI,” said Ryan Steelberg, President and CEO, Veritone. “As we see emerging technologies like ChatGPT, we can talk through practical applications for generative AI and how it can augment the workforce, create new job opportunities, scale existing content to new markets, and explain how enterprises can apply this technology today and in the future.”

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