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How an AI Enabled DAM Solution is Empowering the Sports Industry

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In this episode, we discuss how AI and a DAM solution can help sports brands preserve, archive and make all of their content usable and shareable.

We talk with two media masters for the San Francisco Giants, Paul Hodges VP of Content Entertainment and Brad Martens Director of Media, Systems and Workflows, about how AI is helping brands preserve, archive and process content, making it available securely and safely stored for use today and for future generations.

We will cover:

  • Migrating literally tons of media archives representing the history of the Giants into a Digital Asset Management platform
  • The benefits of a DAM system running in the cloud
  • What new content the San Francisco Giants discovered once their content was fully indexed and searchable

Guest: Paul Hodges – Vice President of Content and Entertainment at the San Francisco Giants

Paul Hodges

Guest: Brad Martens – Director, Media Systems & Workflow at San Francisco Giants

Brad Martens