Veritone’s AI-enabled solutions drive digital transformation for leading Media & Entertainment companies including studios, networks, broadcasters and sports organizations. By automating and simplifying content accessibility, searchability, distribution and analysis, organizations can discover content in whole new ways, drive operational efficiencies and generate new revenue streams.

Create. Manage. Deliver. Analyze. Monetize.

Broadcast Ad Revenue
The VeriAds Network provides a range of innovative revenue solutions, customized to fit your station's needs. Radio broadcasters can seamlessly tap into new dollars and liquidate ad inventory through a robust, data-driven marketplace. Our programs feature options ranging from preset committed inventory to on-demand and run-of-schedule fulfillment.
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Ad Attribution
A turnkey attribution solution that correlates TV and radio broadcast ad placements of all formats, including pre-produced spots, organic mentions, and live reads, with website interaction data in near real-time. Gain instant access to data-driven insights to inform ad optimization strategies, increase customer ROI, and strengthen buy-side relationships with custom reporting and visualization tools.
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Voice Cloning
With Veritone’s custom synthetic voice cloning solution, you can securely and ethically create, manage, share, and monetize professional-quality synthetic voices. Our team will work with you to acquire the necessary training data to create a custom voice that you can transform into different genders, languages, dialects, accents, and more. Create personalized and localized content at scale.
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Flexible Organic Reads with MicroMentions™
Generate revenue outside of traditional inventory and make the most of your airtime by leveraging the MicroMentions™ program that will provide your stations with an on-going live reads inventory from reputable advertisers. Easily insert relevant, short organic reads into your programming that are non-intrusive to your audience and generate incremental ad dollars for you without the need of extra resources.
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National Ad Campaign Attribution
Leveraging Veritone’s Custom Analytics Platform (VCAP), gain a thorough understanding of ad attribution on a large scale. Our team of experts provides you and your advertising clients comprehensive performance reports for digital and offline media channels, including campaign objectives, timeframe, placements, channels, spot types, and creative – with the ability to export and share reporting results with others.
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Content Discovery
Veritone’s AI-enabled applications for radio stations and networks turn your broadcast programming into indexed, intelligent content in near real-time. Through an easy-to-use interface you can easily search your content for brand mentions, sound bytes, and other clips shortly after being aired.
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Data Analytics
National Ad Campaign Attribution
Leveraging Veritone’s Custom Analytics Platform (VCAP), gain a comprehensive understanding of ad attribution on a large scale. Our team delivers a comprehensive data visualization of your digital and offline media channels. VCAP will offer you and your advertising clients performance reports around KPI's and campaign objectives, comprehensive reporting on timeframe, placements, channels, spot types, and creative.
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Content Discovery
Make it easier for your content to be found and drive audience engagement. Use contextual metadata to enable content discovery and recommendation engines. Achieve more engagement, more plays, and more impressions resulting from enhanced searchability.
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Brand Safety
Advertisers don’t want to be associated with topics that run contrary to their brand promise. Reduce manual workflows and maximize revenue by avoiding ad breaks within proximity to non-brand safe content by programmatically enforcing brand standards for ad suitability.
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Contextual Ad Targeting
Gain near real-time intelligence from podcast and digital audio content to inform ad servers to programmatically insert relevant ads based on the context and topics being discussed.
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Captioning Sports
Create Transcripts, Translations, and Captions within Adobe Premiere Pro
Creating captions for your video projects can be painful. Especially if you don’t have a time-correlated text file. With the Veritone aiWARE panel plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro, you can transcribe and translate audio and then create captions for your video projects – all while never leaving Adobe Premiere Pro.
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Sponsor and Press Activation
Enhance sponsorship programs and provide members of the press with limited access to relevant content. Users can leverage powerful search tools to uncover unique content, including faces, objects, logos, names, and more. Intuitive analytics tools help administrators perform usage analysis and asset utilization reports.
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On-site Event Experience, Remotely
Eliminate the need to bring trucks, tapes, and storage to live sporting events. Ingest, index, transcode, store, manage, and distribute broadcast-quality video clips with teams and media partners across the globe. Your event content has never been accessible, searchable and shareable faster.
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Content Licensing
License content in-house through a simple eCommerce interface; or grow revenue, protect your IP, and expand your reach when you partner with Veritone Licensing to manage the rights, clearances, approvals and licensing requests on your behalf. Top documentarians, producers, directors, and creatives come to Veritone for exclusive content they can’t get from generic stock footage sites.
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New Content Fulfillment
Provide creative, digital, and marketing teams with rapid content search, collaboration, and sharing solutions so they can find the assets they need, when they need them. With Veritone Digital Media Hub, Sports organizations can turn both historical archives and live moments into actionable content, maximize revenue, and drive fan engagement through captivating content.
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Manage, Search, & Share Content
Leveraging Veritone Digital Media Hub, powered by aiWARE, users have centralized access to all their media data, including video, still images, and audio. Featuring a scalable, cloud-based architecture and flexible user permissions, you can search, manage, and curate assets using associated file-based and AI-generated metadata and rapidly share individual assets and collections with custom delivery options.
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Enhance Consumer Engagement
With Veritone’s solutions for TV networks, you can enhance consumer engagement at home and abroad. Whether it’s the automation of VOD captioning workflows, facilitation of localization, or extension of syndication and distribution reach, Veritone aiWARE will automatically produce comprehensive metadata for your assets to make it happen.
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Intelligent Media Activation
With robust AI-powered digital asset management and collaboration tools, TV network product, program, and technology teams are able to quickly act upon their media. Advanced cognitive search capabilities including face, object, logo, words, and more enable teams to find content fast and easily share it, and optionally monetize it. Leading TV networks rely on Veritone to centralize access to their media, boost editorial collaboration, and expedite clip delivery.
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Advanced Advertising Analysis
Track any spoken mention or visual brand placement within the broadcast content and correlate spot-logs for a holistic view of advertising proof-of-performance. You can easily share branded reports back to your clients and understand audience segmentation and reporting through a seamless Nielsen integration.
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Intelligent Content
Leveraging the power of AI, turn unstructured media into structured, actionable intelligence. With Veritone’s solutions for TV networks, you can rapidly discover specific content, monitor topics and key phrases to ensure talent stays on script, extract contextual insights through content classification, and inform program strategy.
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Data Analytics
Advertising Attribution
With attribution performance dialed in, it’s a win-win: Broadcasters can provide robust reports and advertisers can see when and where there is a response to on-air ads, including in-content. With Veritone Attribute, TV stations have the ability to easily correlate the lift on the advertisers’ website traffic to on-air television ads. Stations now have the tools to provide their advertisers with meaningful insights, demonstrate ad performance and ROI.
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