Webinar: AI Platforms: 10 Success Factors To Operationalize Enterprise AI with Forrester and Veritone

AI models are in high demand to automate manual actions, produce insights, make predictions, and learn and improve operations over time. But the path to AI success is filled with challenges along the way. MLOps and ModelOps have arisen to address the need for operationalizing AI models, and with these disciplines comes the need for an enterprise-wide AI platform–a sort of AI operating system–that standardizes and accelerates the AI model lifecycle.

In this webinar, join Ryan Bazler, VP Marketing aiWARE, with guest speaker, Forrester VP Principal Analyst Mike Gualtieri as they discuss how the AI market is maturing from a “build-your-own bespoke model” approach to production deployment of AI across the enterprise using an enterprise AI platform for machine learning operations. Discover the 10 success factors enterprises must know to properly operationalize enterprise AI. and why an AI platform is a must-have for companies serious about integrating AI into all aspects of their business.

Additionally, Bazler will highlight how Veritone’s aiWARE enterprise AI platform helps organizations rapidly train, evaluate, integrate, deploy, scale, and monitor AI models. With aiWARE, enterprises can adopt an “OS for AI” ecosystem that leverages a universal API interface across hundreds of best-of-breed, ready-to-deploy AI models from many vendors–requiring no re-programming or AI expertise to use, and accelerating integration and time to value for any AI project.

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