Synthetic Voice

Taking Synthetic Voice to the Next Level with

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In this episode, we introduce a complete end-to-end solution,, giving media companies, brands, celebrities and influencers the ability to produce, personalize, monetize, and protect their professional-quality synthetic voice productions.

We talk with Ryan Steelberg, President and Founder of Veritone, Inc.

We will cover:

  • How Synthetic voice or voice cloning can be used to create and replicate someone’s voice synthetically through artificial intelligence
  • Why synthetic voice matters and the cost-saving use cases for an array of industries
  • Where the unique benefits of Voice as a Service (VaaS) can be applied
  • How Veritone will publish industry best practices and governance for synthetic content usage in public or commercial channels


Ryan Steelberg
Ryan Steelberg

President and Founder of Veritone, Inc.