Tune Into the New TV Analytics Toolkit

Gain insights to create more revenue opportunities with AI-powered tools

Win more ad dollars by demonstrating the effectiveness of TV advertising by giving your advertisers campaign insights that can only be delivered through artificial intelligence (AI).

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Gain new analytical tools and make more money.

More advertisers are focusing their budgets on media that can easily show results, such as digital advertising. The pandemic has only accelerated the shift.

To help TV broadcasters win more ad dollars, Veritone is excited to introduce an exciting new TV Analytics Toolkit that gives them the analytical and attribution tools to generate insights that will deliver more revenue opportunities.

What’s Included

The new TV Analytics Toolkit helps TV broadcasters modernize their analytics and attribution capabilities to our AI-enabled Discovery and Attribute tools along with expert advice and consultation.

Veritone Discovery
AI-powered application for campaign analytics that provides in-depth and near real-time visibility into:

  • Sponsorship tracking
  • Spot delivery
  • In-content discovery

Veritone Attribute
Award-winning, AI-enabled ad performance analytics application that correlates website interaction with ad placements, including: 

  • Scheduled spots
  • Organic mentions
  • Live reads

Why it Works

  • Delivers actionable AI-powered insight into advertising and content performance to better understand what’s working — and what’s not

  • Correlates ad placement to performance in near real time so you can win and retain more ad revenue

The TV Analytics Toolkit will win more ad dollars by demonstrating the effectiveness of TV advertising

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*To take advantage of this offer, you must be a U.S.-based broadcaster and agree to participate in VeriAds through
a minimum number of committed ad units to receive free subscriptions to Discovery and Attribute.
Other terms apply. Speak with a Veritone rep for complete details.