Transparency & Trust

Shining Light on Police and Community Relationships
and How Technology Can Help

An important national conversation is happening around the topic of policing in America.

But it can often be hard to cut through the noise and assess the public’s true feelings regarding law enforcement agencies.

This report dives into the relationship between law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve, using data collected from thousands of Americans across the country in April 2021, as well as insights from current and former law enforcement leaders.

The results reveal 4 clear themes…


Perceptions of policing are
nuanced and complex

4 out of 5 Americans 4 out of 5 Americans feel safe in their communities and most credit the police

Most people have positive opinions about the police, yet mixed feelings remain


Improving transparency
is good for all

42% graph 42% say lack of transparency
has hurt their perception
of law enforcement

Misunderstandings exist about current transparency efforts.


Communities have strong opinions about the role of police

84% graph 84% say police should
focus on responding
to violent crime matters.

1 in 5 support
"defunding the police”


Technology will accelerate
transparency efforts

Widespread support
exists for body-worn cameras

61% graph 61% say they trust police
to use technology to aid
in suspect identification.

The public also widely embraces technology use to improve transparency in policing…

Learn more about the complex interplay of law enforcement policy, public perception and technology in American society.