WEBINAR: Managing the Growth of Audio & Video Evidential Files – How Prepared Are You Really?

he rapid growth of audio and video files as evidentiary media in criminal and legal cases is absolutely prolific.

  • In the US, 3.3 trillion hours of video surveillance footage are captured daily.

  • Today, almost half of law enforcement agencies in the US use of body-worn cameras, and seven states mandate their use. Even federal law enforcement agencies and departments of correction have begun using BWCs.

  • With 97% of Americans owning a mobile device, the amount of evidential media captured on video as a witness to a crime, an accident, or an event has become prevalent.

  • The pandemic, which prompted an abrupt shift to remote work for many businesses around the world, transformed Zoom and other video conferencing platforms into a normal way of conducting business but now has now become a new source of audio and video evidentiary media in legal and criminal cases.

While you may be used to dealing with evidentiary documents, handling evidential media is a whole other beast especially when the audio and video files have no metadata. So how prepared are you really to manage and deal with these audio and video files during your investigations, during the eDiscovery process, or when you’re trying to redact personal identifiable information (PII) for that public records requests?

Join us on Thursday, May 11th, 2023 at 1 p.m. ET as Deloitte and Veritone host a webinar featuring Nick Wittenberg, Deloitte Government & Public Services practice, Jane Doe, Deloitte AI Institute, John Doe, Deloitte Cortex AI, and Jon Gacek, Head of Veritone Government, Legal, and Compliance. In this webinar, our panelists will discuss:

  • The challenges of dealing with the growth of audio and video files across government, law enforcement, and legal entities

  • How truly agencies and legal organizations are prepared to deal with the large volume of evidential media

  • How artificial intelligence (AI) is helping to address audio and video evidentiary media

  • Best practices in managing and addressing the growth of audio and video files