WAICF (World AI Cannes Festival) 2022

The World AI Cannes Festival was born out of the desire to bring together businesses and individuals in Artificial Intelligence. Through a rich and diverse line-up, attendees are invited to discover and learn the many ways in which artificial intelligence impacts our daily lives. The World AI Cannes Festival also presents a unique opportunity for businesses to be exposed to innovative ideas, novel information, and new findings. Businesses will be called to showcase their knowledge and experiences as well as to network with leading industry players and decision-makers.

The event will take place over the course of three days, April 14-16, 2022. The first two days will include key and leading industry players and will primarily focus on addressing various business needs. The third day of the event has been reserved for consumer education on the benefits of AI in order to promote further awareness and understanding of the many advantages of AI technology across economical, societal, and human needs.

As a World AI Cannes Festival sponsor, Veritone will be keynoting at the event and will have a booth in the exhibit hall.

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