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Staying Connected in Trying Times

Has there ever been another time when we so desperately wanted to get together but could not? Certainly not in my lifetime. Is it just me, or does anyone else feel like our restricted access to the outside world feels like a step back in time? Before, this might have meant little access to information,…

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Police Technology Exchange Virtual 2020

What is Police Technology eXchange (PTX)? It’s matchmaking for your business goals! At this eXchange event, you’ll have a chance to connect with other law enforcement decision-makers and industry suppliers in one-on-one virtual meetings, a variety of educational sessions, networking and more. We’ll match you with the right people and information—that which will move your…

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Harness AI to Identify Suspects Faster

Featuring Anaheim Police Department’s Lucy Hernandez, Investigator – Gang Investigations Unit; Vy Do, Civilian Investigator – Gang Suppression Detail; and Cynthia Espinoza, Homicide Senior Office Specialist The old adage that “time is the most valuable thing a man can spend” is so true once a crime has been committed and you’re out to find what…

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Webinar OnDemand: The Fastest Path to Video and Audio Evidence Redaction

As the world of audio, video, and social surveillance exponentially evolves, so must the services, technologies, and expertise of law enforcement agencies and legal communities that use it. Whether video is captured via cell phones, dash-cams, drones or beyond, video data and the intelligence it provides are critical components in capturing, reviewing, preserving, preparing and…

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Webinar OnDemand: How Automating eDisclosure of Audio, Video & Native Document Translations Saves EMEA Legal Teams Time & Money

Webinar OnDemand: Join Veritone and Stratagem Tech Solutions for an engaging EMEA-focused webinar covering all things eDisclosure as we discuss the growing use of audio & video ESI and native document translation in disclosure, and the ways you can use technology to automate the process! Topics include: New and Emerging Data Types During Disclosure Best…

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