LegalWeek(Year) 2021

Legalweek(year) will bring together thousands of legal professionals for a series of 5 innovative virtual legal events that tackle the changing legal landscape and provide actionable insights to help legal leaders restructure, rebuild and reinvigorate today’s law firms and legal departments. The Legalweek(year) virtual series aims to serve as the anchor for the legal community during an unprecedented time, as well as a guide throughout the coming year to inform legal professionals of emerging trends, cutting edge legal technology and expert analysis of the tectonic shifts in the industry.

Each of Legalweek(year)’s virtual events will tackle topics such as: Legal Automation, eDiscovery & Data Science, Legal Operations, Legal Business Strategies, Litigation & Data Science, Data Privacy & CyberSecurity, Alternative Legal Services, Practice Management and offer curated use case deep-dives of the latest in legal technology. The Legalweek(year) events will take place on the following dates in 2021: February 2-4, March 16, April 13, May 11 and July 13-14, with an additional 6 months worth of on-demand access, fireside chats and more.

Veritone will once again sponsor on May 11.  Join us for our informative session described below and various hosted discussions!

Real World AI Applications Transforming eDiscovery

Over recent years, the legal industry has experienced an increase of audio and video evidence used in legal proceedings. Large volumes of multimedia files from body-worn cameras to car-dash cameras to CCTV footage to jail-house calls and even Zoom video calls are making their way to the courtroom as main evidence to a legal case.  While many eDiscovery platforms have not traditionally supported audio and video files in the past, leading providers started implementing AI-based technologies to help legal professionals automate, accelerate, and enhance their eDiscovery process.

In this session, see how purpose-built AI applications are tackling audio and video-based evidence to transform the early case assessment (ECA) and eDiscovery process for legal law firms, saving them time, resources and money.

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