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Express Employment Professionals – International Leadership Conference 2024 – Conquer the Climb!!!

“The harder the climb, the better the view.” – Anonymous

At Express, we’re no stranger to hard times. In our 40-plus years, we’ve seen multiple recessions, a global pandemic, increased anti-business legislation, and a decreased labor participation rate. Through it all, we continue to climb ever higher, focusing on the core tenets that differentiate us and allow us to provide hope to more than half a million people every year.

And just like those bold individuals who repeatedly conquer untamed mountaintops, we understand the climb ahead might be steep. The path may be uncharted. And each day will bring new opportunities to push beyond our limits. With the Express family tethered together, we are equipped with the determination, resilience, and resources needed to navigate any treacherous trail.

Conquer the Climb is not just a metaphorical journey—it represents all the elements that set us up to achieve greatness. Through the relationships we build and the passion that burns inside us to help people succeed, we recognize that we can’t make it to the top without the right partners by our side and the right gear in our packs.

We know that leadership is not merely about reaching the summit; it’s about embracing the challenges that may come along the way.

In 2024, we are poised to dominate our markets, expand our reach, and change the lives of millions of people. And no matter what comes our way, we will Conquer the Climb.

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