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Instantly make your broadcast audio searchable and discoverable
with Veritone Discovery

In years past, live broadcast evaporated into thin-air the moment it left the transmitter. In some cases, a “logger” archived show content based on the time and date but required – and wasted significant hours sifting through to find airchecks and archived show audio. 

Fast forward to today, now your show content can be transcribed, archived and made keyword searchable within minutes of the broadcast through the power of artificial intelligence.

Veritone Discovery, an AI-powered content analytical solution, creates metadata from media content like radio,TV, podcast and YouTube, all in near real-time, allowing you to:

  • Instantly find sound bites, interviews and audio clips in your archives to bring them back to life and repurpose them on-air and online 
  • Identify and track specified content such as brand frequency, impact and audience engagement 
  • Uncover and share valuable insights through interactive, customizable dashboards and reports

Key Features

  • Powerful search –  find and repurpose stored content in minutes

  • Live transcription – grab specific content during and immediately following an event, broadcast or program

  • Programmatically generates metadata – transcribed content can be searched shortly after airing

  • Custom, multi-dimensional and interactive dashboards – easily consume and share valuable data to improve programming

  • Automated content alerts (near real-time) – never miss a topic or keyword on-air even if you aren’t at the station

  • Curated daily content summary stay up to date with specific occurrences every day

  • Audience measurement data available for Nielsen and Numeris subscribers for further reporting and analysis

  • Interactive, customizable dashboards – focus on the information that is important to you

  • Shareable reports, collections and assets –  easily report information to key stakeholders

Common Uses

Content Extension

Content Extension

Quickly repurpose on-air content and clips to social media and other digital platforms

Monitor Performance

Content Review & Tracking

Check for ad compliance and track talent, campaigns or topics

On-Air Monitoring

On-Air Monitoring

Receive alerts when designated topics and keywords are mentioned on-air

Content Search

Quick Content Search

Instantly find sound bites, interviews and audio clips in your archives to bring them back to life

Content Search

Recap Sponsor Integrations

Seamlessly track and recap sponsor and advertiser integrations

Verify Mentions

Verify Mentions

Capture airchecks and in-content mentions, allowing you to verify sponsor integrations, endorsements and promos so you can share the results with your sponsors


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