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Cognilytica Machine Learning Lifecycle for AI

Cognilytica’s Machine Learning Lifecycle for AI Virtual Conference is a three-day online experience December 7-9, 2020, focused on the machine learning lifecycle including ML Operations, building models, and model management. Over the course of three days, the event will combine live webinar-style panel engagements with pre-recorded presentations, opportunities to connect with speakers and sponsors through…

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Webinar Replay: Predictive Analytics And Data Panel Discussion

One of the seven patterns of AI, predictive analytics, is being used in many areas of government to help humans make better decisions.  Some examples of this pattern being applied include assisted search and retrieval, predicting some future value for data, predicting behavior, predicting failure, giving advice, and intelligent navigation.  The idea is that it…

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Webinar Replay: The Ethical Side of Data Usage Panel Discussion

Machine learning requires data, and many companies have lots of data that is useful for many very important tasks.  However, there are many questions about how this data should be used, shared and applied.  Additionally, companies walk a fine line with just how much they want to let customers and users know about the data…

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Webinar Replay: How AI Transforms Contact Centers in the Age of COVID

Organization contact centers face new challenges during the pandemic as they grapple with spikes in demand, a remote workforce, and compliance concerns.  These challenges create opportunities for AI automation solutions that deploy digital workers to come alongside human workers and make their jobs easier. In this session, join Sean McEvoy, SVP of Business Development as…

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Webinar Replay: Building Trust in Your AI

AI can deliver compelling business results, but do you know for a fact you are using the best available AI model for your data?  Do you know what to expect after deploying?  Is there risk of performance degradation or bias?  Many AI projects fall short of expectations due to poor model performance or the unintended…

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Webinar Replay: How to Cognitively Enrich Data in Legacy Systems

Valuable unstructured content is everywhere in organizations. Video, audio, and text content abounds, just waiting to be discovered and utilized – whether within BPA and RPA processes or stored in content management and line of business systems.  The challenge is, how to enrich and extract that content for better findability and insight, and how to…

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Webinar Replay: How AI is Helping Public Safety Agencies Demonstrate Greater Transparency

Amidst challenging times for law enforcement, police departments and other public safety agencies have an opportunity to foster greater public trust and increased transparency through the application of AI.  In this session, Retired Chief David Jantas from the Pemberton Township, NJ Police Department shared his experiences and best practices on how agencies are leveraging AI-driven…

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Webinar Replay: Using Predictive AI to Optimize the Grid

A perfect storm is brewing in the energy industry. Amidst aging infrastructure and reliance on fossil fuels, grid operators now struggle to integrate newer microgrids and renewable energy sources such as solar and wind into their legacy grids.  Supply/demand mismatches cause energy brownouts or blackouts; voltage/frequency synchronization problems burn out expensive equipment, and security vulnerabilities…

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Webinar Replay: MLOps Done Right: Best Practices to Deploy. Integrate, Scale, Monitor, and Comply

Successful MLOps not only requires strong collaboration between the AI data team, AI model team, and DevOps – it’s the ability to effectively manage and mitigate risk across the deployment, integration, scale, monitoring, and compliance stages of an AI project.  In this session, Veritone’s Kfir Yeshayahu, SVP of Product Management reviews these topics in detail,…

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Webinar On-Demand: How Public Safety Organizations are Actively Addressing the Changing Need for Transparency

Featuring Clark County Washington Sheriff’s Office, Moderated by Microsoft Join Microsoft, Veritone & GovQA to learn how public safety organizations are actively addressing the increasing need for public transparency in 2020. With critical incidents on the rise, transparency has become paramount for public safety agencies needing to release more public records than ever before. Eager…

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