What to do with All of that Content

Being in the Media & Entertainment industry, I’m sometimes overwhelmed by the amount of content that is around us. Not only the content that is currently being produced or the content that will be tomorrow but the content that was created in the past as well. The content that is yesterday’s but is far from old news. The majority of this content is quite literally aging. No amount of retinol or Coenzyme-Q 10 can help these old formats. No, the only thing that will help at this juncture is to digitize those assets while they are still recognizable. Alas, we cannot reverse the process of aging, but we can transform into something with even greater potential!

Once those assets are digitized and ideally in the cloud, the opportunities start to become very tangible. Yet the petabytes and petabytes of content still overwhelm me, including all of the different formats and components. Is it audio, video, stills, text? All of the above? Is it new or archival? Is it coming in from a live event or just about to roll onto the red carpet? Is it sports, news, or entertainment? And then, I’m relieved when I just remind myself that it’s all, well, content.

And content in all its various forms is receptive to the “content lifecycle” and has the greatest potential when it’s easily searchable, made available in near-real time (that’s the beauty of AI-powered metadata creation!) and managed through digital asset management.

Ok, we just took a turn. When I refer to the content lifecycle in the context of M&E, I’m talking about five phases. You may only be involved in one or two of those phases, however, to realize the full potential, all five should be considered, touching the hands of many others who are involved with the success of that content. These five are: Create, Manage, Deliver, Monetize, and Analyze. Call me materialistic if you will, but monetize might be my favorite. Ok, it is my favorite. If you are in M&E, chances are it maybe yours, too. 🙂

Dive into my recent article, Feeding the Content Beast, published in MESA’s 2019 Spring M&E Journal (pages 66-67) where I go through each phase and discuss how AI and digital asset management (“intelligent asset management”) work in tandem to yield the greatest potential for not just individual pieces of content but entire archives.  

Find out how to feed your content beast here.