AI Voice Scalability

Using AI to Scale Content Creation and Reduce Production Costs


  • AI makes accelerating audio-based ad creation easy and cost-effective
  • AI voice helps voice professionals license the use of their voice for more opportunities
  • It also helps brands with creating a greater volume of localized ads without monopolizing resources

New solutions are constantly emerging to make us work faster and smarter. Artificial intelligence (AI) has become a key component for many of these new solutions, transforming how we work today. Rather than wasting time focusing on the mundane, AI can empower us to spend less time on repetitive tasks and instead allow us to focus on creating and growing the business.  

One of the fastest growing mediums today is audio-based content. In fact, nearly 13% of overall media consumption is digital audio, with the format share within digital media time accounting for 20%. With so many listeners tuning in, advertisers have flocked to different audio platforms to advertise. However, working with voice talent, a brand ambassador, or a spokesperson creates bottlenecks that slow production and diminish scalability.

Accelerating Audio-based Ad Creation

Whenever a brand wants to advertise on the radio, Spotify, Pandora, or other audio streaming platforms, there’s a lot of logistics taking place behind the scenes. Working with voice talent, they must coordinate schedules, book studio time, take care of any travel expenses for the talent, and then actually record the spot.

To plan all these moving pieces means thinking months in advance, which doesn’t leave a lot of room for error or even spontaneity. If a recent event inspires content, and they want to incorporate that into an ad, given the timeline, it might no longer be fresh by the time it’s ready to air. Quite simply, the human factor gets in the way. We can’t be in two places at once. These logistical handcuffs have always been necessary, at least until the development of AI voice.

How to Use AI Voice to Record Audio-based Ads

AI voice is a new method of creating a realistic clone of someone’s voice. With this new technology, voice professionals can license the use of their voice out to brands, enabling them to be in multiple places at once ––and, even speak multiple languages and dialects. Once the voice clone has been built, they can run the script through the model, avoiding a studio session each time a brand wants to record something with voice talent without a dip in performance.

Using an AI voice clone enables exponential scale and reach that simply cannot be achieved today. Schedules for voice talent are limited. And when you factor in the expenses of booking them for a recording session, costs can quickly add up, further hamstringing the scalability of the content you want to create.

Veritone Voice is an AI-generated voice solution offering premium voiceover and hyperreal, verified custom voices for content creators and IP owners. Working with some of the most recognizable brands in the content world, we empower both small and large productions, enabling everyone to take the next leap in content creation technology and practices.