Tyrannosaurus Rex or Mammals: How to Survive the Extinction of Traditional Broadcast Technology

How was it that while monstrous, heavy-weight dinosaurs perished, smaller and more adaptive mammals survived? And how can we be similarly nimble survivors — escaping the “tar pits” and going on to thrive? Today, our customers are facing the most challenging period in their history, between the unprecedented rise in content competition, the need to manage multiple platforms, and an absolute imperative to understand consumers at a level they never have before.

As we face this next era of television content, to the winners will go great spoils, but the losers will literally fall by the way side. That goes for both rights holders and the technology providers that serve them. What do rights holders and technologists need to do to win in the next era of media, and how can technology enable the right steps to help us grow and prosper?

The session below, presented by Harris Morris, chairman and CEO of Wazee Digital, focuses on the monetization opportunities for broadcasters, content producers, rights holders, and distributors, and highlight how to use technology to take control of media assets to enrich and monetize valuable content.