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Cars AI 10.13.17

MIT Computer Vision Technology Allows Cars to See Around Corners

Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers have devised a computer vision system that monitors subtle shadows to detect objects that are hidden from view. The CornerCameras system from the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) observes light reflections to perceive unseen people or things. The computer vision system uses these reflections to estimate the…


Taking on Terrorism with Face Recognition

Following a surge in terrorist incidents, Turkish defense contractor HAVELSAN is preparing to introduce an artificial intelligence-based security system that uses face recognition to identify suspects before they commit violent acts. The system, called ASTARUS, is designed to recognize faces and license plates, according to the Daily Sabah. ASTARUS can scan all photos and personal…

Job Evaluation AI 10.8.17

Face Emotion AI to Evaluate Job Candidates

Finding the right candidate for a job can be hard—but a new solution from Utah-based ZIFF Inc. may make the process easier by using face emotion technology. ZIFF said its program can observe subtle behaviors that could indicate the suitability of applicants for specific jobs, according to Scripps Media. The program can be taught to…

Oracle AI 10.3.17

Artificial Intelligence Leader Veritone Recognized by Oracle for Excellence in Application Development

Oracle Announces 2017 Cloud Platform Innovation Awards Veritone® Inc. (NASDAQ: VERI), a leading provider of artificial intelligence (AI) insights and cognitive solutions, announced today that it has been recognized with the 2017 Oracle Excellence Award: Oracle Cloud Platform Innovation Award for its excellence in application development. This award honors customers for their cutting-edge solutions using…

Object Recognition 10.2.17

Object Recognition for ISIS Insights

The U.S. military this year plans to deploy artificial-intelligence algorithms, including object-recognition technology, to sift through its intelligence database to gather insights about the Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist group. The military will leverage existing commercial AI technologies to accelerate the deployment of these algorithms, as reported by Breaking Defense. Such algorithms will take on the…

iHeartMedia AI 10.2.17

Veritone Expands Relationship with iHeartMedia and Now Provides Advanced AI Solutions to Over 200 of its Broadcast Stations Nationwide

Leading Artificial Intelligence Provider Offers New Insights to iHeartMedia Stations Veritone® Inc. (NASDAQ: VERI), a leading provider of artificial intelligence (AI) insights and cognitive solutions, today announced that it has signed an expanded, two-year agreement with iHeartMedia, the leading audio company with the largest reach of any radio or television outlet in America. The agreement…


Radio Just Got Smarter Thanks to AI

Radio World – With rivals moving at internet speed, online media seems to have reduced broadcast media powerhouses to the status of media dinosaurs. However, new AI technologies are giving the so-called old media firms a chance to turn the tables on their internet rivals. It’s true: Broadcast media is at a crossroads. Consumers are swarming…

Alzheimers AI 10.1.17

Machine Learning Breakthrough Delivers Early Alzheimer’s Diagnosis

Italian researchers have devised a machine learning algorithm that uses MRI brain scans to identify signs of Alzheimer’s disease far earlier than current non-invasive methods. The algorithm, developed by a team at Italy’s University of Bari, can detect changes in the brain that signal the onset of the disease nearly 10 years before the appearance…

Self Driving Cars AI 09.30.17

The Battle for AI Chips in Self-Driving Cars

For decades, Silicon Valley semiconductor rivals Intel and AMD have fought it out in the PC microprocessor business. However, two recent developments illustrate how the battleground for these firms has spread to AI chips, specifically the market for semiconductors used in self-driving cars. Intel in September announced its chips are being used in the newest…

Midterm Elections 09.20.17

How AI Can Help Shape the 2018 Midterm Elections

Next year’s midterm elections may be the most controversial yet, and both parties have started gearing up for highly contested races. Millions of dollars have been raised, field offices have been assembled, passionate staffers have been hired, and candidates are ready to kick off an exhausting effort in an attempt to make it to Washington….