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Missing Persons and AI

AI and Missing Persons: Innovative Solutions to an Age-Old Problem

Summary Welcome to the first chapter of our artificial intelligence (AI) for public safety blog series. In this blog, we will be covering: Why missing persons investigations need to improve traditional investigative methods How AI can help investigations by detecting biomarkers, geospatial analysis, and predictive analysis Ways that AI, including Veritone Tracker, helps combat human...

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Chat GPT-4

What Does ChatGPT-4 Mean for Enterprise Organizations?

Summary:  What are ChatGPT-4’s key updates? What do these updates mean for enterprise businesses? How can Veritone help businesses integrate ChatGPT-4 into their practices? We’re a month into the release of ChatGPT-4, which is a new large language model (LLM) that evolves some of the capabilities seen with the previous release, ChatGPT-3. It also improves...

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The Challenges of Tracking Persons of Interest Across Video Files (Part 4)

How Other Industries Can Use Person-of-Interest Tracking Technology Summary:  Person of interest tracking technology has multiple applications outside of government and law enforcement agencies  Property managers, event and security teams, and medical facility teams all have situations where person-of-interest tracking technology can help them gain a more comprehensive view of their operations.  Veritone Tracker can...

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tracking people

The Challenges of Tracking Persons of Interest Across Video Files (Part 3)

Summary:  Government agencies are inundated with video evidence that historically would have to be reviewed manually, frame-by-frame  Finding a missing person, human trafficking prevention and prosecution, and apprehending criminals are key use cases for Veritone Tracker  Veritone Tracker doesn’t use legacy facial recognition technology but uses a new innovative method that helps maintain PII The...

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radio listener

How to Attract and Engage More Radio Listeners

Radio stations need new ways to attract and engage listeners. This is critical in competing with other stations for advertising dollars. It’s not enough to simply broadcast content. Stations must now find ways to build a stronger bond with their audiences across channels.  In this article, we will cover:  How to understand your listeners  Ways...

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The Challenges of Tracking Persons of Interest Across Video Files (Part 2)

How Veritone Tracker Accelerates Investigations Without Violating PII Summary:  Analyzing video evidence has historically been a laborious, manual process for investigative teams.  AI technology that uses facial recognition has the capability to automate some video evidence reviews, but it’s not great with crowds and raises concerns about privacy. New AI technology that doesn’t use facial...

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Radio Advertising Effectiveness: Measuring Impact and KPIs

Radio has long been able to reach a broad audience and capture their attention through sound alone, standing out amongst other mediums that carry more distractions. But with the rise of digital marketing, many advertisers question the effectiveness and impact of radio advertising. That’s why measuring radio effectiveness and impact with modern tools is essential...

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The Challenges of Tracking Persons of Interest Across Video Files (Part 1)

Summary:  Video evidence makes up the vast majority of evidentiary materials reviewed today by law enforcement, legal teams, and other organizations with security personnel.  AI in evidence review historically came with concerns around privacy and PII, but new technology alleviates that concern.  With a new AI approach that doesn’t use facial recognition or biometric markers,...

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The Power of Radio Analytics: Metrics, Tools & Tips

Radio advertising has been an effective way for brands to reach audiences for decades. But measuring radio advertising performance with data has always been a challenge.  Luckily, technology has been developed that provides a way for radio operators and salespeople to show their advertisers that advertising on their stations works. With these tools, stations can...

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