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See Exclusive Highlights from the Top Basketball Prospects on New

Powered by Veritone aiWARE, the relaunched features ad-free access to collegiate and international basketball video-rich clips and analysis Veritone has relaunched to connect with sports fans missing out on this year’s March Madness and thirsting for exclusive content covering the top players projected to be picked early in this year’s professional basketball draft….

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Empowering Remote Contact Centers With AI Digital Workers

Empowering Remote Contact Centers With AI Digital Workers

Contact centers represent the tip of the spear when it comes to customer interface. However, these centers frequently fail to deliver satisfactory service and responsiveness. To address this challenge, contact centers have leveraged solutions like interactive voice response (IVR) solutions, which require callers to navigate voice prompts and menus to determine their needs. But customers…

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New Content Partner South China Morning Post Brings Videos of Protests, Historical Footage and More to Veritone Licensing

This new international library adds to the 3 million assets available through Veritone Licensing. Summary: Veritone Licensing adds the South China Morning Post and its more than 50,000 hours of exclusive video footage.  Footage includes coverage of current events such as the Hong Kong extradition law protests, US-China trade war, Xinjiang re-education camps and more….

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Energy Blackouts

Will Occasional Blackouts Become the Norm?

An analysis of California’s most recent rolling blackouts and how to prevent them When California passed the Global Warming Solutions Act (AB 32) in 2006, it was one of the most ambitious pieces of climate change legislation ever created. Ten years later, California further solidified its leadership role with a commitment to reducing greenhouse gas…

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advertising spend 2020

How Will Advertising Shape Up in the Rest of 2020?

Despite a tough year, advertisers plan to spend more this quarter than the same quarter last year. Summary: Advertising spend is down, but it’s projected to improve in Q4 Broadcasters have the chance to pick up ad dollars originally slated for live events, sports and other mediums An attribution solution can help broadcasters attract ad…

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6 Creative Tips to Enrich Your TV and Radio Ad Campaigns

Read on to learn easy ways to improve your broadcast campaigns and read about examples of these tactics in action. Summary: The Veritone Uplift Study uncovered several creative tips in which broadcasters and advertisers can improve their campaign performance One such finding was that “get rich quick” still sells Broadcast advertising is still highly effective…

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Low-Cost Renewable Energy

The Move to Reliable, Low-Cost Renewable Energy

Using AI to Predict Energy Needs and Stabilize the Grid The Challenge The US energy grid was originally designed around centralized power generation and regional distribution networks to provide safe, affordable, and reliable electricity to every American. And historically, it has performed this function very well. However, the energy grid of today suffers from a…

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How to Strengthen Relationships With Your Broadcast Advertisers

How do you reassure your advertisers that your broadcast ads are as effective as web ads at driving consumer response? Summary: It’s a myth that it’s easier to show the effectiveness of online advertising versus broadcast advertising Being able to show online engagement after an ad runs helps broadcasters demonstrate to their clients that their…

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