Ingest and Metadata Management, the Dance

Submitted by Tristan Ringering – Wazee Digital As I sit down to pen this revelation on the complexities and challenges of content ingest and metadata management, I find my head spinning as if it were the first time the concept ever entered my mind. The truth is, I actually do this for a living and…


Veritone Media Announces Rebrand, Launches ‘Veritone One’ with Expansion into TV, Digital and Social Media

Veritone Media, a full-service advertising agency that creates native and traditional advertising for some of the world’s most recognizable brands, announced today its name change to Veritone One. The new positioning is part of the agency’s strategic path to bridge traditional advertising with expansive media services, and reflects the company’s media service offerings, which now…


Introducing Stow: Cloud storage abstraction package for Go

Stow is an open-source (Apache licensed) abstraction on top of Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure Blob Store, Google Cloud Storage, Openstack Swift and more. We hope Stow will become the de facto library for interacting with such storage providers in Go. GitHub: github.com/graymeta/stow Godoc documentation Stow allows you to interact with various cloud storage providers via a simple single API….


Introducing Silk: Markdown driven API tests

The problem I write a lot of code to test my API endpoints — especially because I am interested in the impact of everything that runs during the lifecycle of a request; how the route is interpreted, what middleware does to the request, how the business logic behaves, and what kind of response I get….


Don’t Sit On Your Assets

Author – Allison Coquet – Wazee Digital Wazee Digital Core is the heart of Wazee Digital’s portfolio. Core is responsible for the storage, workflow and delivery of content. Both Wazee Digital Commerce, our licensing solution and Wazee Digital Media Hub, our Live Events solution use Core and without it could not operate. In the next series of blogs…


Finding Closure through Warzone Images

Author – Sergio Nazzaro – Wazee Digital I returned from my deployment to Afghanistan in early 2013 and was greeted by friends and family at Denver International Airport. To this day, anytime I ride the train at DIA and take the escalator up to the main terminal, I relive that incredible feeling. I was a changed…


Followers and Fans: The Evolution Of Sports Consumption In The Digital Age

Author – Mike Arthur – Wazee Digital Sports and Live Events properties are creating more content than ever. The ease with which anybody can shoot, edit, and post video, in combination with the explosion of social media applications, has had a significant impact on traditional broadcast and nobody is immune: ESPN has lost 13 million…


In the Age of OTT and VOD – An Active Archive Can Save Linear Broadcast

Author – Robin Melhuish – Wazee Digital There’s this Moody’s Investor Services report: Pay TV and Television Networks — US: OTT Invasion: Grand Bargain Required for Long-Term Sector and Credit Stability. I’ve only read the publicity abstract that was picked up by quite a few M&E press and blog sites. Even in an abstract form, it was such…