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Facebook Tackles Terrorism with AI Photo and Video Matching

Facebook in November announced it is successfully stamping out nearly all terrorist content posted on its site due to advances in the company’s AI photo and video matching technology. “Today, 99 percent of the ISIS and Al Qaeda-related terror content we remove from Facebook is content we detect before anyone in our community has flagged...

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Chinese Motor Vehicle Department Adopting Face Recognition

Anyone who has spent hours waiting in line at the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has probably thought, “There HAS to be a better way to do this.” The Chinese may have come up with just such a way, with a DMV office/police station that uses face recognition and other artificial intelligence technologies to automatically...

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AI Robots for Offshore Energy Inspection and Maintenance

Remote locations, adverse weather, dizzying heights—all these issues can make the task of inspecting offshore energy assets like oil rigs and wind turbines a slow, hazardous and expensive endeavor. However, robots can cut the cost and risk of these tasks dramatically. That’s why a consortium of UK universities and companies are working together to develop...

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Radio Just Got Smarter Thanks to AI

Radio World – With rivals moving at internet speed, online media seems to have reduced broadcast media powerhouses to the status of media dinosaurs. However, new AI technologies are giving the so-called old media firms a chance to turn the tables on their internet rivals. It’s true: Broadcast media is at a crossroads. Consumers are swarming...

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Self Driving Cars AI

The Battle for AI Chips in Self-Driving Cars

For decades, Silicon Valley semiconductor rivals Intel and AMD have fought it out in the PC microprocessor business. However, two recent developments illustrate how the battleground for these firms has spread to AI chips, specifically the market for semiconductors used in self-driving cars. Intel in September announced its chips are being used in the newest...

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CIA AI Cognitive Engines

Central Intelligence Turns to Artificial intelligence, with Extensive Adoption of Cognitive Engines

U.S. spy services are making extensive use of artificial intelligence cognitive engines to sift through ever-growing mountains of intelligence data. Dawn Meyerriecks, the Central Intelligence Agency’s deputy director for technology development, said her organization now is engaging in 137 separate AI projects, many of which involve companies in Silicon Valley, according to an article in...

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AI for Animals

Artificial Intelligence Translation Device for Animals Within a Decade

Paging Dr. Doolittle: Artificial intelligence translation technology capable of interpreting dog language could become a reality within 10 years, according to a report from futurologist William Higham working in cooperation with Amazon. “Innovative products that succeed are based on a genuine and major consumer need,” Higham commented to The Guardian. “The amount of money now...

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Public Safety AI

The Power of Artificial Intelligence for Government Agencies

Freedom of information: It’s not just an act – it’s a fundamental principle of democracy. Without unfettered access to facts, informed judgments cannot be made about agency and mission directions, causing a breakdown of the marketplace of ideas. Unfortunately, much of the vast troves of data compiled by the government today are trapped in silos...

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