Broadcasters: Does Radio Advertising Work? Find out on Wednesday, February 13th, 2019 | 10:00AM PDT

Join this webinar to learn how you can: Use a centralized platform to view your client’s attribution analytics on pre-recorded, live reads, and organic mentions Advise your clients throughout their campaigns on how to best maximize their ad spend through real data Measure online response to on-air advertising campaigns Leverage new features in Veritone Attribute! We now live in an age where data and analytics influence everything. Companies that leverage data and analytics to help steer strategy retain more of their current advertising clients, increase ad spend, and continue to add new clients. But, how do you ascertain data on content that is not digital? Well, with Veritone Attribute™, you can. By connecting to your client’s website analytics, you and your advertisers can now make tangible connections between advertising campaigns and the actions target audiences take on their website, in near-real time. Veritone Attribute also features configurable attribution periods to align advertising campaigns with audience response, on-air broadcast is part of digital with real data and insights. To register, go to: DosesAdvertisignWork


Racing to the Cloud 2019

SPORTS MEDIA STORAGE & CENTRALISED CONTENT ACCESS Discover how BASE Media Cloud sports clients are enabling winning video strategies with cloud services.

Join this annual BASE Media Cloud sports media technology event, hosted in partnership with IBM and Veritone to discover how our sports clients, including The Football Association, Little Dot Studios and COPA90 are enabling winning video strategies, powered by cloud-based, online working.

For more information or to register, go to RacingToTheCloud19


Three Key Criteria Channel Participants Should Consider When Partnering with an AI Platform Provider

By Andy Brinck, VP Worldwide Channel, Veritone Businesses everywhere urgently want to transform their IT infrastructures into artificial-intelligence-enabled powerhouses—constructing smart systems that are equipped for success in the new era of the digital economy. Channel partners, including resellers, distributors, system integrators and cloud providers, are uniquely positioned to support such AI transformations. However, despite the…


How intelligent computing can help win the war on crime

Law enforcement is leveraging deep machine learning to gain vital intelligence more quickly By Laura Neitzel, PoliceOne BrandFocus Staff The rise of the internet over the last 20 years has enhanced our lives in many ways. Online technologies have made it easier to find and buy products, learn new skills, get directions, book a hotel…


Veritone’s IDentify Can Help You Identify Suspects

POLICE MAGAZINE – A lot of people believe that video surveillance tools and evidentiary video systems like in-car and body-worn cameras have made the jobs of law enforcement investigators much easier. But the truth is that even when individuals are caught on camera at the scene of a crime, investigators still have their work cut…


Legal Tech’s Predictions for 2019 in E-Discovery

The discovery process will continue to evolve next year, experts say, with an increased focus on analytics, privacy and more. By Zach Warren Many now consider e-discovery to be a mature market, but that doesn’t mean the pace of innovation is necessarily slowing down. On the contrary, 2018 saw the adoption of new technologies like beginning-of-EDRM…


Build face recognition directly into your browser

This is a demo project showing how Machine Box tech can be integrated into JavaScript applications. Facebox can take an image and tell you how many faces it sees, as well as who those faces belong to provided you have shown it a single example previously.We can use this capability to build additional security into our web apps so we can see how many people are watching the screen and who they are. Using the webcam with some JavaScript and Facebox, we can periodically check to ensure only authorized people can see the information that users consider sensitive.


Build a fake news detector

What is fake news? That is a difficult question to answer. Is it satire? Is it opinions pieces? Is it factual inaccuracies? With the proliferation of social sharing and user submitted content, we’ve opened up our democracies and institutions to a level of abuse, rhetoric, and influence that is unprecedented. Fortunately, we think machine learning can help.