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Police Reform

Customizing Stop Data Collection to Improve Insights for Law Enforcement Agencies

Summary: There’s a growing national trend towards mandated stop data collection, highlighted by laws like California’s Racial and Identity Profiling Act (RIPA) and Colorado’s SB-20-217. Law enforcement agencies should consider adding additional, custom questions for data collection, helping them gain better context around stops while boosting operational transparency and accountability. Current data collection methods often...

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Sports Fanatic

How AI-powered Content Helps Sports Organizations Turn Casual Fans into Devoted Supporters to Increase Revenue 

Summary: Sports organizations can maximize revenue generated per fan by increasing their avidity levels through engaging content. To efficiently create engaging content, organizations need to digitize and consolidate their media into a singular AI-powered archive to make it more easily accessible.  Sports organizations can easily produce proprietary content for social media feeds, create sponsorship activations...

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Ai in the Content Supply Chain

How to Transform Your Content Supply Chain With Artificial Intelligence

Summary:  Despite the pandemic accelerating the adoption of AI technology, many still operate inefficient content supply chains.  AI will inevitably touch nearly every aspect of the content lifecycle and is critical to activate media for monetization opportunities.  Incremental AI adoption can make it easier for organizations to start using AI today and expand its use...

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Insights from the Experts: A Q&A with Alex Fourlis, the New GM of Veritone HR Solutions

Summary:  Veritone acquired Broadbean Technology this year, combining their capabilities with PandoLogic, another Veritone acquisition to form Veritone HR Solutions.  Alex Fourlis, former President and Managing Director of Broadbean, was appointed General Manager of Veritone HR Solutions to continue revolutionizing the HR space through the power of technology.  Alex Fourlis shares some of his insights...

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Optimizing Audio & Video-based FOIA Request Workflows for Federal Civilian Agencies

Summary: The challenges of audio and video-based FOIA request workflows and workloads for federal civilian agencies How Veritone Redact can help improve this workflow The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) stands as a cornerstone of government transparency, enabling citizens to access public records and information. However, the management of FOIA requests poses substantial challenges for...

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How Colorado Law Enforcement Agencies Can Address Requirements in SB20-217 (Part 1)

Summary: SB20-217 is a Colorado law requiring several things from law enforcement agencies in the state. Some of these things include body-worn cameras (BWC) on specific classifications of law enforcement officers and releasing this footage to the public.   Colorado law enforcement agencies need new tools to scale their redaction @practice to effectively redact audio-video files...

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How AI Can Help Law Enforcement Identify Suspects Faster

In the ever-evolving landscape of public safety and criminal investigations, suspect identification stands as a pivotal component. Over the years, law enforcement agencies (LEAs) have relied on a variety of techniques, some of which have proven to be challenging and limited.  Eyewitness accounts, once considered a gold standard, have faced scrutiny due to their susceptibility...

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The Top 5 Challenges Canadian Police Chiefs Face Today

Summary: Canadian police chiefs face difficult and complex challenges, from tightening budgets, staff burnout, and improving relations with the communities they serve. Many of their challenges are not unique to Canada but are also being faced by law enforcement agencies in the United States. Veritone is helping agencies in the US alleviate the burden of...

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Generative AI

The Ultimate Guide to Generative AI in 2023

Artificial intelligence (AI) has created a world in which anyone can compose music, create art, or even write a complete movie script with a few keystrokes. As the global generative AI market is expected to surpass $22 billion by 2025, the realm of generative AI is reshaping industries and redefining the limits of artificial intelligence....

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