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Processing Video, to do Face Recognition with Go and Python

UPDATE: We officially support video right now, using Videobox, so you don’t have to extract frames yourself to use Machine Box, Videobox can do it for you. This blog post is now informative, if you want to do it yourself. If you have lots of video content but don’t know who appears in them, you…

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App Uses AI to Create Voice Assistant

One of the reasons why text-based forms of communication are popular is their searchability; it’s easy to use search tools to comb through written words and find specific keywords and phrases. However, when it comes to spoken words, this kind of automated searching was impossible—until now. A new app launched in February makes it easy…

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Scanning Retinas for Heart Disease with AI Prediction

Researchers have devised a deep-learning algorithm that uses AI prediction techniques to forecast cardiovascular risk based on scans of patients’ retinas. A team of researchers from Google, Verily Life Sciences and the Stanford School of Medicine trained their deep-learning algorithm using data from 284,335 patients. The algorithms were able to predict cardiovascular (CV) issues with…

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Introducing Classificationbox: Easily build your own text/image/data machine learning classifier inside a Docker container

We have just released Classificationbox as a Developer Preview. Classificationbox is a general purpose machine learning classification utility designed and built for scale. Classificationbox lets you use machine learning to automatically classify various types of data, such as text, images, structured and unstructured data With a relatively small set of training data, you can build a model…

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AI for Sign Language

Startup Devises Translation Solution for Sign Language

It seems that every new day brings a new advancement in AI translation technology, with algorithms continually adding support for new languages or enhancing the accuracy of their interpretations. However, all these advancements have one thing in common: They are limited to interpreting spoken tongues. However, one startup is bringing AI translation to the realm…

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