Introducing Machine Box

Machine Box puts state-of-the-art Machine Learning technology inside Docker containers, making it the easiest way for developers to build and deploy artificial intelligence into their apps.

Head over to the Machine Box website https://machinebox.io/ to get started.

What problems does Machine Box solve?

Machine Box addresses a range of artificial intelligence use cases including facial detection and recognitionimage classificationvideo processingnatural language processing in text, with much more coming in the next few months.

Simple and fixed pricing

We found cloud hosted cognitive services to be extremely expensive at scale, so we wanted Machine Box to do it differently.

Each customer pays a fixed monthly subscription, and they can spin up as many boxes as they need to meet needs up to planet-scale.

For more information, check out the Pricing section on our website or get in touch.

World class developer experience

As developers, we wanted something that was easy to try and develop against, and even easier to put into production without insane costs if, no when, our app takes off.

Machine Box prides itself on the developer experience, even giving you the lines that you can paste into a terminal to spin up the boxes.

“Machine Box has the best developer experience of any product I’ve ever used” — Dave Cheney

With one line of code you can spin up boxes

Once it’s running, you go to localhost:8080 and are given a complete website running inside the container that include API documentation, and tools/utilities that help you make the most out of your boxes.

The console embedded in each box gives you everything you need to integrate them into your products and services