Introducing Machine Box

Machine Box puts state-of-the-art Machine Learning technology inside Docker containers, making it the easiest way for developers to build and deploy artificial intelligence into their apps. Head over to the Machine Box website to get started. What problems does Machine Box solve? Machine Box addresses a range of artificial intelligence use cases including facial detection and recognition, image classification, video processing, natural…


Visual Search by Machine Box

With the new features of Tagbox it is possible to build your own classifier, to help you to do image recognition. But another important feature that we are going to explore is the image similarity endpoint /tagbox/similar to make a Search Engine and get images that are similar to each other. With that endpoint you will…


Introducing Stow: Cloud storage abstraction package for Go

Stow is an open-source (Apache licensed) abstraction on top of Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure Blob Store, Google Cloud Storage, Openstack Swift and more. We hope Stow will become the de facto library for interacting with such storage providers in Go. GitHub: Godoc documentation Stow allows you to interact with various cloud storage providers via a simple single API….


Introducing Silk: Markdown driven API tests

The problem I write a lot of code to test my API endpoints — especially because I am interested in the impact of everything that runs during the lifecycle of a request; how the route is interpreted, what middleware does to the request, how the business logic behaves, and what kind of response I get….