My 5 favorite practical machine learning use cases

I’ve been helping to implement machine learning into a lot of businesses, startups, enterprises, products, services, and apps now for a few years and these are some of my favorite use cases for machine learning that I’ve come across (so far)! Machine learning is exceptionally good at conducting repetitive tasks, finding patterns, and predicting outcomes….


Build your own fake news detector using machine learning

It is a sign of the times that in 2018, the UK Government established a new unit to tackle fake news, and every day seems to reveal more about the dirty tricks played by companies like Cambridge Analytica, including deliberately spreading misinformation, to try and influence electorates in favour of whoever happens to be paying them. This…


Mute uninteresting log noise with Machine Learning

Most people have a way of building their own machine learning textual classifiers; you can use cloud APIs, learn Tensorflow or roll your own, or use Machine Box. As founder of the latter, it won’t surprise you to learn that in this article I am going to tackle log data using Classificationbox — a Docker container that…


Processing Video, to do Face Recognition with Go and Python

UPDATE: We officially support video right now, using Videobox, so you don’t have to extract frames yourself to use Machine Box, Videobox can do it for you. This blog post is now informative, if you want to do it yourself. If you have lots of video content but don’t know who appears in them, you…


Introducing Classificationbox: Easily build your own text/image/data machine learning classifier inside a Docker container

We have just released Classificationbox as a Developer Preview. Classificationbox is a general purpose machine learning classification utility designed and built for scale. Classificationbox lets you use machine learning to automatically classify various types of data, such as text, images, structured and unstructured data With a relatively small set of training data, you can build a model…


How to use Machine Learning to solve Personalized Recommendations in Go

Personalization and recommendations are great for everybody—they can cut down the noise and take users right to the stories, articles, or products that they are most interested in. Building a recommendation engine from scratch is a daunting task—most wouldn’t even know where to start—but I wanted to show how easy this problem was to solve…