Deploy Docker containers into Digital Ocean

Machine Box delivers the services via Docker containers, and Digital Ocean is a great place to host these containers in production. This guide will walk you through the steps required to deploy Facebox with Digital Ocean. TIP: Before you start, it’s important to remember that hosting on Digital Ocean comes with a small cost — it’s very competitive,…


Machine Learning on Premise

There are a lot of really great Machine-Learning-as-a-Service (MLaaS) providers out there; Azure, Google, Rekognition, etc. But for those of us who can’t send our data to the cloud, who need to train and tune models locally, and who need more control and ownership over our machine learning models, we have to look to a…


How I write Go HTTP services after seven years

I’ve been writing Go (Golang when not spoken) since r59 — a pre 1.0 release — and have been building HTTP APIs and services in Go for the past seven years. At Machine Box, most of my technical work involves building various APIs. Machine Learning is complicated and inaccessible to most developers, so my job is to…


Introducing Facebox Faceprint

Since releasing Facebox, people have started to come up with some very interesting use cases. For example, partners like Pixitmedia have integrated Facebox into their storage platform so that customers can search and access all of their assets quickly. Another use case involves using face-verify.js to increase the security of any website by validating who is…


My 5 favorite practical machine learning use cases

I’ve been helping to implement machine learning into a lot of businesses, startups, enterprises, products, services, and apps now for a few years and these are some of my favorite use cases for machine learning that I’ve come across (so far)! Machine learning is exceptionally good at conducting repetitive tasks, finding patterns, and predicting outcomes….


Build your own fake news detector using machine learning

It is a sign of the times that in 2018, the UK Government established a new unit to tackle fake news, and every day seems to reveal more about the dirty tricks played by companies like Cambridge Analytica, including deliberately spreading misinformation, to try and influence electorates in favour of whoever happens to be paying them. This…


Mute uninteresting log noise with Machine Learning

Most people have a way of building their own machine learning textual classifiers; you can use cloud APIs, learn Tensorflow or roll your own, or use Machine Box. As founder of the latter, it won’t surprise you to learn that in this article I am going to tackle log data using Classificationbox — a Docker container that…