Understand these four advanced concepts to sound like a machine learning master

This is a sequel to the post I wrote over a year ago about some basic concepts of machine learning. Sometimes sequels are better like Terminator 2 or Wrath of Kahn, but you can’t enjoy them unless you’ve see the first movie. Go read that post and come back. I’ll wait… source: There are many…


To win at AI you have to cheat

Having the most accurate and useful machine learning is not about having the best algorithms or the biggest data set. That’s so 2017! Artificial intelligence and machine learning are fantastic new tools, and I’ve personally seen them used to solve a myriad of use cases and generate a lot of productivity for companies big and small….


How my startup got to a successful exit with a developer-first strategy

In January of 2018, I helped found a machine learning startup with 2 other people. 9 months later I sold it for $5 million. What was our secret? We put developers first. In this post, I intend to share with you how putting developers first can help your tech project/startup/company/enterprise really take off. Our goal with…


How we approach face recognition and law enforcement as ethically as we can

At Machine Box, we’ve always been about empowering you to build amazing things with simple machine learning tools. One important aspect of this approach is ownership. When you use Machine Box, you get complete control of all of your data, and nowhere is this more important than in surveillance and face recognition. Back in May…


Machine Box is growing up: Why we joined Veritone

We started Machine Box because we wanted to open the potential of machine learning to developers of all skill levels, and to teams who don’t have exuberant budgets or armies of people to throw at a problem. Machina is sporting Veritone colours to celebrate the coming together of the two companies. Our customers have built…


Boost your face recognition accuracy with this quick step

I admit, we’ve made it almost too easy to deploy a state-of-the-art face recognition machine learning model. So easy in fact, the only thing you need to know to try it for yourself is how to copy and paste commands into Terminal (and how to open a web browser). It’s great to make things so simple, but…


How to train a spam detector with a 97% accuracy with Machine Box

Let’s face it, a lot of people out there are needing to integrate machine learning into their products and services, but don’t have the time or resources to go back to school to learn Tensorflow, or the money to hire expensive PhDs. And even if they do, its still a huge challenge to get it…


Deploy Docker containers in Google Cloud Platform

TL;DR: Check out a working example project of how to deploy Docker containers (boxes) to Google Cloud Platform. Delivering complex software solutions inside a neat container is exactly the promise of Docker, and Machine Box has truly benefited from this. This article shows you how to spin up Machine Box in Google Cloud Platform, but the technique works for any…