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Face recognition on physical kiosks 08.15.19

Face recognition on physical kiosks

There has been a lot in the zeitgeist recently about face recognition, and I think some of the better uses of face recognition are getting overlooked. One of my favorite customer use cases of ours is using it to speed up payments and other activities on physical kiosks. Here’s why customers are coming to us…


Veritone Inks Deal With ART19 to Use aiWARE for Intelligent Ad Targeting in Podcasting

Cognitive Analysis Enables Advertisers to Target Audiences Automatically Based on the Content of the Podcast Veritone, Inc. (Nasdaq: VERI), the creator of the world’s first operating system for artificial intelligence, aiWARE™, today announced an agreement with ART19, a leading podcast hosting, content management, monetization, and measurement platform. ART19 will use aiWARE to run cognitive analysis…

Next Frontier 08.12.19

The Next Frontier in Machine Learning Is Something Anyone Can Master

If I see one more article about Bayesian Forest’s being Random whilst also being Convolutional I’m going to disconnect my cable modem and let all of the internet spill out. It is frustrating trying to learn about machine learning. Do I use YOLO, Keras, Tensorflow, PyTorch or all of them together somehow? And even if you…


Veritone One Launches Influencer Bridge, a Pay-Per-Performance Advertising Platform for Podcast and Social Media Influencers

Our Veritone One team just announced this exciting new platform that connects emerging podcast influencers, YouTube vloggers, Instagram influencers, and bloggers with a network of top advertisers, while allowing them unrivaled access and control in monetizing their content. Influencers get the opportunity to demonstrate their reach–and get paid when their audience engages. Learn more about…


Seven Things About Licensing Every Content Buyer Should Know

Obtaining licensing rights can be an involved process, especially when buying rights-managed content, so we asked one of our licensing experts, Jay Bailey, to share some wisdom. Jay has been our vice president of TV and film licensing for nearly a decade, so he knows a thing or two about this topic. Here’s what he had to say.


All you need to know about New York State’s new e-discovery law

A recently passed New York state law mandates that a wide range of information be turned over within 15 days after an indictment. Because the law affects audio and video-based evidence too, prosecutors will need to accelerate the multimedia discovery process, requiring the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) tools that allow rapid e-discovery during the early case assessment (ECA) stage of cases.


Legaltech 2020

February 3-6, 2020 Where Business Gets Done. From product launches to new mergers and business deals. Legalweek remains the leading event where major legal business is generated. Standing room only. Legalweek 2019 featured record-breaking attendance for the opening keynote presentation led by Loretta Lynch and Alberto Gonzalez. Thousands of the most powerful leaders in law came, saw, and…


IDEAS SoCal AI & Data Science Conference 2019

October 26, 2019 SoCal Data Science Conference is a data science learning platform to connect data science enthusiasts. We will demonstrate cutting-edge technology and feature a variety of data science experts covering topics including industry trend, data science application, open-source software, machine learning and many others. This is the must-attend event for anyone that is already in the field…


HackMIT 2019

September 14-15, 2019 HackMIT is an annual student-run hackathon held in the fall at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Veritone will be a Gold sponsor at the event and will host a workshop and challenge! Check out HackMIT and register here!