Articles by Hong Bui

11.21.17 β€”

Intel and AMD Join Forces in Artificial Intelligence Chips

It’s a sure sign that the tech business has undergone a seismic shift when two major longtime rivals put aside their animosity and join forces to battle another firm that has emerged as an even greater threat. Right now, those two rivals are microprocessor titans Intel and AMD, which this month linked up to develop…

11.11.17 β€”

AI Chip Demand Boosts the Outlook for Semiconductor Players

The rapid rise of the artificial intelligence market is spurring parallel growth in demand for semiconductors, causing the AI chip market to expand by nearly six-fold in the coming years, according to UBS. UBS predicts global AI chip revenue will boom to $35 billion in 2021, up from $6 billion in 2016, as reported by…

Self Driving Cars AI 09.30.17 β€”

The Battle for AI Chips in Self-Driving Cars

For decades, Silicon Valley semiconductor rivals Intel and AMD have fought it out in the PC microprocessor business. However, two recent developments illustrate how the battleground for these firms has spread to AI chips, specifically the market for semiconductors used in self-driving cars. Intel in September announced its chips are being used in the newest…