Articles by David Hernandez


Introducing Facebox Faceprint

Since releasing Facebox, people have started to come up with some very interesting use cases. For example, partners like Pixitmedia have integrated Facebox into their storage platform so that customers can search and access all of their assets quickly. Another use case involves using face-verify.js to increase the security of any website by validating who is…


Processing Video, to do Face Recognition with Go and Python

UPDATE: We officially support video right now, using Videobox, so you don’t have to extract frames yourself to use Machine Box, Videobox can do it for you. This blog post is now informative, if you want to do it yourself. If you have lots of video content but don’t know who appears in them, you…


Visual Search by Machine Box

With the new features of Tagbox it is possible to build your own classifier, to help you to do image recognition. But another important feature that we are going to explore is the image similarity endpoint /tagbox/similar to make a Search Engine and get images that are similar to each other. With that endpoint you will…