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7 New Features

7 New Features for Veritone Attribute and Discovery to Improve Advertiser Delivery and Effectiveness

Both applications received expanded functionality to continue providing users with the best possible experience and drive more revenue-generating opportunities. Summary: These feature updates help improve our turnkey broadcast attribution application (Attribute) and our visual and audio content indexing solution (Discovery), which makes your video and audio content searchable in a matter of seconds . The...

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Does Radio Advertising work?

Does radio advertising really work?

A look at the channel for 2022 and beyond Radio is still popular and resurging, but ad dollars haven’t followed. Smart sales teams and marketers need a way to get their share of advertising budgets. Summary:  Radio remains popular and could see 6% growth, but advertisers aren’t spending in accordance with listener habits. Radio ads...

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How Digital Asset Management Software Can Activate New and Old Content

AI-based DAM technology can help you get the most out of your future content and extend the life of past content. Summary:  Content creation is at an all-time high, making digital asset management more challenging daily without the proper tools.  Digital asset management software is not enough; artificial intelligence is needed to achieve scale and...

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