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Deep Fakes vs. Avatars

Understanding the Difference Between Deepfakes and 3D Human Avatars

Summary: Deepfakes and 3D avatars are different and used for different purposes although they both leverage AI in the creation process Deepfakes, when used ethically, have tangible use cases in entertainment; 3D avatars are being used in entertainment as well including gaming, virtual reality, and more To create immersive digital experiences, content creators and IP...

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humanize AI

Combining Conversational AI and Synthetic Media

Humanizing the digital experience with artificial intelligence Summary: Conversational AI has pushed digital experiences closer to real, human interactions, but there’s still room for improvement, especially with virtual assistants Combining conversational AI with synthetic media is the next step in having near-real interactions, especially in the metaverse Brands can use this technology to overcome disruption,...

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holiday radio advertising

How Broadcasters Can Be Data-Savvy This Holiday Season

Radio and TV stations need data to help them compete for holiday ad spend. Summary: Using data shows advertisers that broadcast is highly effective at reaching more customers and providing a high ROI You can upsell host-read ads by showing they’re more effective than prerecorded ads Using attribution tools helps you get the data you...

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6 Creative Tips to Enrich Your TV and Radio Ad Campaigns

Read on to learn easy ways to improve your broadcast campaigns and read about examples of these tactics in action. Summary: The Veritone Uplift Study uncovered several creative tips in which broadcasters and advertisers can improve their campaign performance One such finding was that “get rich quick” still sells Broadcast advertising is still highly effective...

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How to Strengthen Relationships With Your Broadcast Advertisers

How do you reassure your advertisers that your broadcast ads are as effective as web ads at driving consumer response? Summary: It’s a myth that it’s easier to show the effectiveness of online advertising versus broadcast advertising Being able to show online engagement after an ad runs helps broadcasters demonstrate to their clients that their...

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Five Tips for New Attribution Clients

Help steer strategy, retain more of your current advertising clients, increase ad spend, and continue to add new clients Up until recently, radio and television broadcasters were thought to be at a disadvantage when it came to analytics, at least as compared to their digital counterparts. Specifically, advertising performance analytics. With the recent advent of...

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2019 NAB Show

The 2019 NAB Show: A Retrospective

This year’s NAB Show is now history, and it was a great one for Veritone! As we’d hoped going in, we were able to gain an even deeper understanding of how media and entertainment organizations are creating, managing, delivering, monetizing, and analyzing (or not … yet) their assets. And we observed that the industry is craving innovations in areas such as advertising efficacy and archive monetization. We were also able to showcase some powerful use cases of how our M&E customers are addressing these topics and achieving significant success.

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