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The Power of Radio Analytics: Metrics, Tools & Tips

Radio advertising has been an effective way for brands to reach audiences for decades. But measuring radio advertising performance with data has always been a challenge.  Luckily, technology has been developed that provides a way for radio operators and salespeople to show their advertisers that advertising on their stations works. With these tools, stations can...

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Remote Content Collaboration: Best Practices for Adaptation

Learn how to efficiently produce content remotely in a post-pandemic world Summary: Skyrocketing content consumption during the pandemic forced media companies to adapt by producing new content remotely Coming out of the pandemic, remote work is here to stay, making it all the more imperative to have the infrastructure in place for remote content collaboration...

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Media and entertainment

What’s New With Veritone in the Media and Broadcast Industries

Summary: Veritone has responded to demand from Discovery, Attribute, and Digital Media Hub users. Attribute has been updated with new data points, while Discovery has seen certain features streamlined for better usability. Digital Media Hub is now integrated with Adobe Premiere and is available in new languages. It’s a new year, and we’ve made some...

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A Review of the Media & Entertainment Industry

Summary:  Ad spending and media consumption have recovered since the pandemic and have achieved record amounts of growth in some cases.  To keep up with high demand and channel proliferation, the M&E industry is turning to AI to help achieve the required scale.  Well-known brands such as the San Francisco Giants and Westwood One have...

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MAM Monetization

How to Monetize your Content when Using a MAM Solution

Summary: The growing demand for content has put pressure on brands to manage and distribute their content faster while also offering new opportunities to monetize their media.  MAM technology has mostly been a point solution that could not offer an end-to-end experience and is often limited in access when users need to make their content...

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Product Placement

Worldwide Product Placement Spending to Reach $26.2B—How Are You Tracking Your Placements?

Summary: Product placements will achieve double-digit growth this year, making it imperative to have the right tools to track them. When done skillfully, product placements provide an organic way to raise brand awareness against traditional media that many consumers tune out. Artificial intelligence can help broadcast teams easily track their integrations, providing them with the...

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Broadcast growth

How to Take Advantage of the Projected 5% Growth in Broadcast Ad Revenue

Summary: Despite economic uncertainty, radio and TV ad spending is projected to grow this year on the strength of political advertising. More is being spent than ever on marketing technology, which is especially important for broadcasters looking to extract content and show performance data.  AI-powered solutions can help you take advantage of a strong period...

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Sell Radio Advertising

5 Effective Ways to Sell All of your Radio Ad Spots

Summary: Uncertainty about the economy means radio stations need to be more creative about how they sell their ad inventory  Here are some tactics you can use to meet your revenue goals, from discounts to bundling  Using a remnant ad solution can help you sell off any remaining spots with little effort  Radio ad spending...

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Metaverse Roadmap—What the Future Holds For Virtual Worlds

So far, we’ve provided an overview of the metaverse in our introductory blog, as well as discussed other aspects of the metaverse including the role of artificial intelligence, crypto, and NFTs. Now, we’ll explore the roadmap for the metaverse, including: Where the metaverse currently stands What the future of metaverse spaces and experiences may be...

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