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Remote Content Collaboration: Best Practices for Adaptation

Learn how to efficiently produce content remotely in a post-pandemic world Summary: Skyrocketing content consumption during the pandemic forced media companies to adapt by producing new content remotely Coming out of the pandemic, remote work is here to stay, making it all the more imperative to have the infrastructure in place for remote content collaboration...

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Fan Engagement

Introducing Veritone Sport: Increasing Fan Engagement with AI

Summary:  Sports fans consume content in different ways and on many platforms, making it difficult for brands to reach them.  Artificial intelligence (AI) solutions can accelerate workflows, streamline content management, and create new ways to engage with fans.  Veritone Sport has a collection of offerings that help sports brands engage with fans in wholly new...

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Redacted image of a woman

Redacting Legal Documents With Artificial Intelligence

Thank you for joining us for the second chapter of our AI Redaction series. In our first introductory chapter, we covered the basics, including what redaction is, what type of data needs to be sanitized or redacted, and the most common type of information that needs to be redacted: personal identifiable information (PII).  In this...

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Introducing Veritone Sport: Optimizing Facility Operations with AI

Summary:  Veritone Tracker helps maintain safety and improve security during live sporting events without infringing on subjects’ PII. Pandologic, a Veritone company, assists sports brands in hiring staff by using programmatic advertising. Veritone offers a range of AI-powered energy applications that help event centers optimize energy efficiency and power usage. The previous blog explored some...

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Veritone Sport

Introducing Veritone Sport: Enabling Content Monetization with AI 

Summary:  Artificial intelligence not only optimizes media asset management processes but also unlocks downstream revenue opportunities  Whether you have a DAM or MAM solution already or not, Veritone offers AI solutions that can easily integrate into your current tech stack  As part of our new Veritone Sport offering, Content Monetization is only achievable with the...

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Public Safety

What’s New With Veritone in Government, Public Safety & Justice, and Legal Industries

Summary:  Veritone released key offerings to reduce the burden of processing audio and video evidence. Using AI-based solutions has raised concerns about privacy and maintaining PII but Veritone now offers a unique solution to minimize that challenge with Veritone Tracker.  On-demand redaction through our new Redaction Managed Service enables rapid redaction without onboarding new technology...

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Media and entertainment

What’s New With Veritone in the Media and Broadcast Industries

Summary: Veritone has responded to demand from Discovery, Attribute, and Digital Media Hub users. Attribute has been updated with new data points, while Discovery has seen certain features streamlined for better usability. Digital Media Hub is now integrated with Adobe Premiere and is available in new languages. It’s a new year, and we’ve made some...

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Redact blog series

Redaction in the Digital Age: Here’s What You Need to Know

Welcome to Veritone’s blog series on redaction. This series will dive into what information needs to be redacted, redaction best practices, automated redaction, and redaction for audio and video.  We’ve all seen—or rather, not seen—examples of what redacted information can look like. In the age of physical documents, this could look like stacks of papers...

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2022 Law Enforcement Agency Transparency and Trust Report Reveals a Greater Need for Public Knowledge of Law Enforcement

Summary:  The annual Veritone Law Enforcement Agency Transparency and Trust Report revealed how technology will play a critical role in building stronger, transparent relationships between law enforcement and the communities they serve.  The report highlighted the public’s need for more trusted information to form opinions on policing.  Police need technology to reduce the time it...

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