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Ai in the Content Supply Chain

How to Transform Your Content Supply Chain With Artificial Intelligence

Summary:  Despite the pandemic accelerating the adoption of AI technology, many still operate inefficient content supply chains.  AI will inevitably touch nearly every aspect of the content lifecycle and is critical to activate media for monetization opportunities.  Incremental AI adoption can make it easier for organizations to start using AI today and expand its use...

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7 Ways Sports AI is Transforming the Industry

As discussed in our previous blog, artificial intelligence (AI) has been making a significant impact on just about every industry, and one of the prime examples is sports. The global sports AI market has grown substantially due to advancements in machine learning and generative AI, increasing from $2.1 billion in 2020 to an estimated $16.7...

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The Power of Radio Analytics: Metrics, Tools & Tips

Radio advertising has been an effective way for brands to reach audiences for decades. But measuring radio advertising performance with data has always been a challenge.  Luckily, technology has been developed that provides a way for radio operators and salespeople to show their advertisers that advertising on their stations works. With these tools, stations can...

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Seven Things About Licensing Every Content Buyer Should Know

Obtaining licensing rights can be an involved process, especially when buying rights-managed content, so we asked one of our licensing experts, Jay Bailey, to share some wisdom. Jay has been our vice president of TV and film licensing for nearly a decade, so he knows a thing or two about this topic. Here's what he had to say.

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Fan Engagement

Introducing Veritone Sport: Increasing Fan Engagement with AI

Summary:  Sports fans consume content in different ways and on many platforms, making it difficult for brands to reach them.  Artificial intelligence (AI) solutions can accelerate workflows, streamline content management, and create new ways to engage with fans.  Veritone Sport has a collection of offerings that help sports brands engage with fans in wholly new...

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Veritone Sport

Introducing Veritone Sport: Enabling Content Monetization with AI 

Summary:  Artificial intelligence not only optimizes media asset management processes but also unlocks downstream revenue opportunities  Whether you have a DAM or MAM solution already or not, Veritone offers AI solutions that can easily integrate into your current tech stack  As part of our new Veritone Sport offering, Content Monetization is only achievable with the...

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Announcing SPORT X

Veritone Launches SPORTX, a New Way to Buy and Sell Sports Video

Summary: Veritone has launched SPORTX, an intelligent marketplace for short-form sports videos that can be bought and sold around the world. SPORTX connects sports federations, content producers, and other sports content owners with a diverse network of buyers.  Through SPORTX, buyers have access to premium sports video, and sellers can maximize revenue gains and generate...

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MAM Monetization

How to Monetize your Content when Using a MAM Solution

Summary: The growing demand for content has put pressure on brands to manage and distribute their content faster while also offering new opportunities to monetize their media.  MAM technology has mostly been a point solution that could not offer an end-to-end experience and is often limited in access when users need to make their content...

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User-generated Content

How User-Generated Content Conveys Brand Authenticity

Summary: The pandemic accelerated content consumption trends as consumers consumed more short-form video content on social media  Brands that want to connect with their target audience need to build trust through authenticity, which can be achieved by incorporating user-generated content  User-generated content outperforms most other media formats, but the trickiest part is sourcing the most...

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Metaverse Personas–Get Ready to Meet Your Virtual Self

As we step into the deeper, more immersive environments of the metaverse, brands and individual participants  will be gaining a new perspective when experiencing this new digital world—and what better way to explore this realm than with the virtual versions of ourselves? In this fifth chapter of our metaverse series, we will go over: A...

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