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Can AI Give Us an “Edge” When Integrating DERs with the Grid?

Welcome to the 3rd installment in our series on America’s aging electricity grid and the nation’s mission to rapidly decarbonize:  Part 1 explored the unique challenges utility grid operators face when managing increasingly diverse renewable energy sources like commercial wind power or residential solar. Part 2 covered the growing potential of artificial intelligence (AI) to…

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Unstructured Data Insight with Veritone aiWARE Tools for Alteryx

For years organizations have done well-extracting value from structured data sources. But what about the massive amount of hidden value locked away in video, images, audio files, and text files such as emails and social streams? It’s no secret that over 80% of the world’s data is unstructured and continues to grow rapidly — 30-60%…

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Contact Center AI Trends

The Top 4 Contact Center AI Trends for 2021

Artificial intelligence is transforming contact centers, with technologies like speaker recognition, sentiment analysis and recommendation engines driving operations to new heights of efficiency and customer service. What are the most critical contact center needs that AI can deliver today? Let’s take a quick look at the top-four ways that AI can overhaul your call-center operations…

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holiday radio advertising

How Broadcasters Can Be Data-Savvy This Holiday Season

Radio and TV stations need data to help them compete for holiday ad spend. Summary: Using data shows advertisers that broadcast is highly effective at reaching more customers and providing a high ROI You can upsell host-read ads by showing they’re more effective than prerecorded ads Using attribution tools helps you get the data you…

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AI Transforms Call Centers into Efficient Contact Centers

Remote customer-service operations once were known as “call centers” because they exclusively dealt with incoming customer telephone calls. However, in the Internet era, call centers have been recast as “contact centers,” able to handle a wide range of communications formats beyond voice calls, including email, text messaging, social media and even video recordings. As these…

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How Media Companies Can Navigate the Latest Shutdowns

Using an AI-powered media asset management solution for licensing content can help media and entertainment companies of all stripes during the lockdown. Summary: A new set of lockdowns threatens to further derail already-delayed production and broadcast schedules M&E companies have been coming up with creative ways to deal with new protocols and production shutting down…

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London-based Brave Bison Adds Viral Videos to Veritone Licensing’s Global AI-enabled Library

Plus, preview our top five Brave Bison user-generated videos. Veritone Licensing has announced a new licensing agreement with London-based international social video company Brave Bison that brings new viral videos to our collection of licensable content.  The agreement is the third library of user-generated content Veritone has signed this year (following deals with Collab and…

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Veritone Unveils SaaS Enhancements to Expand Nielsen Audience Data and Intelligent Analytics

Veritone Unveils SaaS Enhancements to Expand Nielsen Audience Data and Intelligent Analytics

Summary: New enhancements to Discovery include enhanced earned media monitoring and expanded Nielsen data Enhancements to Attribute include enhanced enterprise management and user-centric workflows Our December 16 webinar will walk you through these updates We know the pandemic has escalated a shift in ad dollars away from broadcast to digital, as advertisers seek to tie…

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Contact Center AI

Add AI to Contact Centers to Generate Valuable Customer insights

What does the customer want? How’s the customer feeling? What’s the best way to make the customer happy right now? These questions are the reason why companies create contact centers—places where inquiries about customer mood, intent and the proper response are asked and answered. However, the job of gauging callers’ emotions and objectives and determining…

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