Lifelike AI Voice

Veritone Voice is an AI-generated voice solution offering stock, premium voiceover, and hyperreal custom voice clones in multiple languages.

Lifelike AI voices can be used for advertisements, endorsements, radio imaging, scene narration, dubbing, audio descriptions, audiobooks, reporting,  eLearning, and more.

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AI Voice that sounds like the real thing

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Spoken by Randy Hahn’s
verified voice clone,

NHL Sports Play-by-play Commentator

Spoken by Ellen K.’s
verified voice clone,

Host of Ellen K
Radio Show

Spoken by Randy Hahn’s
verified voice clone,

NHL Sports Play-by-play Commentator

Spoken by Mike Zemetra’s
verified voice clone,

Corporate CFO, Native English speaker in English, French, Italian


Recognized By





Realistic Text-to-Speech and Speech-to-Speech Voice

Use Cases

Advertisements & Endorsements

Scale content creation by removing the need to coordinate additional recording time for ads and endorsements with celebrities, athletes, influencers, broadcasters, sports announcers, and more in multiple languages after acquiring their approval.

Audio Descriptions

Producers can now use AI voice to narrate and provide key visual descriptors in TV shows, movies, theater, and other visual productions to create a more inclusive experience for those who are visually impaired.

Localization, Regionalization and Personalization

Reach new markets with localized content that is in the talent’s verified AI voice including different languages.



Leverage AI voice to produce audiobooks at scale and in multiple languages, in the talent’s unique voice.

weather forecasting

Voice Over for News, Financial, and Weather Reporting

Beyond consumable content like in the media such as news and financial reports, you can increase your vocal capabilities to provide more varied content for weather, travel, and other announcements over air or in public areas.

eLearning Courses and Training Materials

Produce and enhance learning materials for online courses and corporate training collateral for greater retention –– at scale

Reunite Fans Ethically

Even if a well-loved talent has passed away, their characters and personality live on in their work and fans. With synthetic voice, producers can partner with the talent’s estate or IP owner to create engaging legacy projects with the proper approvals.


Streamline radio and audio production with stock, premium voiceover models, or custom voice clones. Realistic AI voices can easily be used to create sweepers, imaging, commercials, and liners.

gaming Voice Over

Voice Over for Scene Narration

Whether using a stock voice or a familiar talent, synthetic voice makes it easy to insert and edit voice-overs in film, TV, video games and sports events. Within minutes, brands can create captivating voice-overs in nearly any language.

What Users Say

We are active users of the Veritone Digital Media Hub solution to manage our deep bench of 80+ years of video assets on and off the field. When we partnered with Veritone back in 2020, we liked that the AI solution was future-proofed by being cloud and model agnostic. Today, we are seeing a path forward to engaging our fans in the metaverse because of our legacy investment and partnership with Veritone.”
Paul Hodges
VP, Content and Entertainment
San Francisco Giants Productions
Randy hahn
Voice personalities like me can now further monetize our own personal brands with Veritone Voice. We only have so many hours in a week to take advantage of opportunities as they appear. Now, I can quite literally be in multiple places at once.”
Randy Hahn
NHL Sports Play-by-play Commentator
As advances in audio A.I. create new opportunities for talent, there is a need for reliable technology to manage and protect these rights. Veritone’s solution, coupled with their premium audio expertise, creates a new opportunity for our clients to unlock new revenue streams in a safe and secure manner."
Chief Innovation Officer

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Sounds Profitable Reaches 20% of the World’s Audiences with AI Voice

Imagine you could quickly translate newsletter and podcast content into other languages at scale without using an actor or a robot? You read that right. With Veritone Voice, Sounds Profitable with Bryan Barletta was able to take his voice and make it speak in Spanish without losing any of Bryan’s unique vocal aspects. Learn how they were able to reach 20% of the world’s audiences through our synthetic voice as a service solution. 

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Veritone takes the use and application of AI seriously. While voice clone technology is powerful, it should be used in a way that’s clear, compliant and consenting.

We uphold the highest standards of security, and believe that transparency maintains that trust. We will always protect you, your voice identity, and any IP you create with our technology. Learn more in our FAQ.

iab | Open Voice Network
  • Veritone will publish industry best practices and governance for synthetic content usage in public or commercial channels.
  • Veritone will be investing in and organizing a think tank with thought leaders to standardize  commercial use and protection. 
  • Veritone is an active member of the IAB and Open Voice Network to develop global best practices for synthetic content.

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