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Smart Biometric Single

Smart biometric SSO combines multiple cognitive authentication methods simultaneously for easy, secure, and private access to applications.


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Application Developers
Secure new and existing applications with a frictionless, biometric, low-risk authentication layer, with no AI expertise required. Biometric SSO-enable your application to wow your users at every login and keep them coming back, while ensuring maximum security and SSO privacy.
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Application Users
Create fast, passwordless, deviceless, simple sign-in experiences based on who they are, not what they know or have. No more forgotten passwords, lost hardware devices, or annoying multi-step authentication.
Security Leaders
Simplify your security architecture by avoiding the need to maintain multiple authentication mechanisms for your applications. Remove password management burdens for you and your users, and avoid the security liability of storing and protecting them.

Smart biometric SSO

Smart biometric SSO combines multiple cognitive authentication methods simultaneously to give your users easy, secure, and private access to applications on any device.

No more vulnerable passwords, clunky MFA methods, or information-exposing SSO.

With Verify, use facial and voice recognition to easily secure sign-in to OpenID Connect-compatible applications and deliver fast and passwordless sign-in experiences. Avoid the liability of protecting user passwords, while giving your app users a frictionless, secure sign-on experience without the need for multi-step or dongle-based MFA methods or exposing your users’ data to big tech.

The Ultimate Security Solution

No one likes passwords. Easy to forget or lose, annoying to reset and change, and vulnerable to hacks. The Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report reveals that 80% of hacking-related breaches involve compromised and weak credentials, and 29% of all breaches, regardless of attack type, involved the use of stolen credentials. $17 billion per year is lost to identity fraud, and more than 50% of financial fraud is caused by account take over,

In addition to security concerns, application abandonment rates skyrocket with password-based applications. 92% of users claim to have left a service if they simply forget their password. 

Solutions to the problem still leave much to be desired. Master password lists give successful hackers the keys to the kingdom; 2FA and MFA, while more secure, just complicate the user experience with multiple steps across apps and emails; and SSO, while easy, prompts users to accept terms that declare open season on their private data. What’s worse, all of these methods still rely on passwords and passcodes!

The ultimate security solution avoids passwords, uses highly secure authentication methods, makes setup and use a breeze, and ensures user privacy. Verify is that solution.

The Verify User Experience

  1. Authenticates you with live video from device camera
  2. Auto-positions your face into field of view
  3. Auto-focuses on your face
  4. Auto-zooms in and out for proper head size
  5. Auto-aligns your head and eye orientation
  6. Visual countdown timer to speak given passphrase
  7. Warns when time is low to speak passphrase
  8. Detects and authenticates your live voice
  9. Words turn green when correctly recognized
  10. Success! You’ve been authenticated into your Verify-enabled application.

Strong biometric authentication made easy

Application developers can add a frictionless, biometric SSO option to new and existing applications — no AI expertise required. Veritone Verify, built on the aiWARE Enterprise AI platform, makes it easy to integrate strong biometric authentication into your application:

Integrate: Integrate Veritone Verify with your application. Verify’s next-generation identity layer integrates into the authorization standards you use in your apps, including OpenID Connect (OAuth 2). Enroll: Your users perform one-time enrollment. After Verify is up and running, users enroll by capturing their face and voice biometric data to populate as encrypted hashes in the cloud, for future identity verification comparison at login. Authenticate: Your users authenticate in-app. Once users have been enrolled, they select “Login with Verify” on your app’s login page, snap a headshot with their built-in camera, read a phrase on their screen into the built-in microphone, and authenticate to your application.

verify dashboard
Verify helps users customize their SSO experience and detect security threats
to their Verify account through intuitive dashboards


  • Biometric Authentication

    Leverage face and voice biometric authentication for maximum-security single sign-on.

  • Seamless User SSO Experience

    Improve user satisfaction and loyalty with one-time, passwordless user enrollment and in-app, ‘something you are’ authentication via the built-in camera and microphone on your user’s device.

  • Privacy and Control

    Users have complete control over their SSO information and security parameters. Veritone performs third party audits to certify Verify user data privacy.

  • Simple Application Integration

    Integrate and scale biometric SSO with any OpenID Connect (OAuth 2)-compatible application.

  • Administration Made Easy

    Easily manage authentication in a centralized admin console to enroll, delete, geofence, access domains, and perform other controls for users.

  • Enterprise-Grade Security

    User biometrics are stored as encrypted hashes during enrollment and verification. Verify makes it nearly impossible for hackers to steal biometric information.

  • Custom Factor Authentication

    Integrate other facial and voice recognition engines or your own engines using the Automate Studio application and aiWARE Enterprise AI platform. Or go beyond facial and voice recognition and create your own custom authenticationMFA factors (fingerprint, SMS, etc.).

  • Physical Security Integration

    Add face and voice authentication to existing physical security systems such as door cameras, key cards, and access cards. Orchestrate event triggers and communications between systems using Automate Studio.