pandoSELECT by PandoLogic


A single AI solution to attract, engage, manage, and qualify talent you want to recruit.

Bring Order to the Recruitment ProcesS

Recruitment has historically been a struggle for every company. Not only is it challenging to source the right talent, but how do you efficiently qualify the best candidates for the job? 

pandoSELECT streamlines this entire process, combining the best-in-class, programmatic job advertising technology, pandoIQ, with a candidate management dashboard and conversational AI (chat) to help you attract, engage, manage, and qualify your candidates faster. 

Seamlessly source and engage the most qualified talent for the job with the help of AI.

Achieve a deeper level of engagement with pandoSELECT by automating talent acquisition processes to reduce costs and time-to-hire.


With pandoSELECT, you can find quality candidates with a better ROI, funneling them into a dashboard tool to review qualifications and chat screening answers.

Using the power of AI to engage with candidates in chat actively, you can develop a clearer profile of each candidate, accelerating the process while enhancing the overall experience to drive better outcomes.

pandoSELECT helps you: 

  • Source and qualify talent
  • Reduce the chaos of recruitment with one solution to simplify the process 
  • Automate the job advertising processes and engage candidates through conversation AIL
  • Save time and money

We doubled monthly applicant numbers, traffic on our career site increased 314%, we decreased our time to hire by eight days, we filled 95% of our openings, and filled roles that were open for more than a year all thanks to the PandoLogic team.”

— Christine Hampton, HR Director, Talent Acquisition, Southern Illinois Healthcare


The recruitment world moves fast.

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